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Best Golf Balls

It’s time to get your swing on! Check out the best golf ball options on the market and improve your drive and spin. Offering a durable coating, softer construction for greater speed and deep grooves for better control, the top golf balls on the market can improve your golf game… Continue Reading

Top 5 Assisted Living Options For Seniors

Assisted living for seniors has grown from a relatively new concept 20 years ago, to the most rapid growing option for long-term care in the US today. Facilities offer a broad range of services to those seniors who can still live independently, but require some assistance with meals, basic housekeeping,… Continue Reading

Best Single-Brew Coffee Makers

For coffee lovers that hate making a full pot of coffee that may mostly go to waste, single-serve coffee makers have been an excellent solution. While Keurig may have put single-serve brewers in the spotlight, there are several different brands of coffee makers that are designed to use single-serve cups… Continue Reading