When shopping for an ATV, you need it to be able to maintain control over the roughest of terrain while providing durability and versatility. The top three ATV Quads available on the market right now are the Can-Am Outlander X MR 1000R, Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS, and Textron Alterra TBX 700. All these machines have the range and four-wheel ability you need when working your acres or heading out of town for the weekend. You can land yourself a functional ATV for about six grand, but when you really need to rely on its ability to be your toolbox, gun rack, and delivery van for your farm, expect to spend close to ten thousand. We’ve brought together the three machines that will surpass your expectations below along with some user feedback. Do you own one of these ATVs? Read up and then share your experiences below.

Can-Am Outlander X MR 1000R

If you are looking for plenty of muscle and rugged good looks, the Can-Am Outlander X MR 1000R tops the list of ATV Quads that have got it all. The 2018 model features upgraded FOX shocks, a WARN winch, and new 14-inch wide ITP Cryptid tires that deliver a smoother ride. The radiator has been relocated to run cooler and avoid clogging when on the trail. The V-twin 1000cc engine pumps out 89 horsepower and is snorkeled to keep the powerplant dry on muddy roads. This premium ride comes with 2 keys, one that unlocks the performance ride features and the other keeps things under control while you are working your property.


  • Includes a WARN winch.
  • Great acceleration with V-twin 1000cc engine.
  • Cryptid tires give tons of off-road traction and a smooth ride on pavement.

Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS

Yamaha poured creativity into this off-road conqueror. The 700cc motor, Ultramatic transmission, and centrifugal clutch are engineered to provide plenty of muscle in a durable design able to handle rocky trails and muddy paths with ease. LED headlights show the way after the sun goes down. A centrally mounted halogen work light provides an extra spotlight to get the task done. A large rear rack and three storage compartments provide plenty of places to stow tools, gear, and your game bag for the long ride home. The digital instrument panel displays time traveled, distance remaining, gear, and 4WD status on easy to read gauges and screen.


  • 700cc motor with Ultramatic transmission.
  • Centrally mounted halogen work light.
  • Plenty of cargo room.

Textron Alterra TBX 700

This hefty choice is all about hauling equipment and supplies where you need it most. The Alterra TBX 700 is one of the best ATV Quads, able to carry up to 300 pounds on the back rack, 20 pounds in each side storage bin, and another 100 pounds when you add on the front Speedrack. The adjustable front shocks can be set soft or rigid to provide a smooth ride or extra flexibility when heading over rougher terrain. Its 11-inch ground clearance helps the user climb over brush, bumps, and rocks without leaving the beaten path behind. Textron offers a wide range of factory-installed accessories so that you get reliable function for all your extras from the moment you take delivery.


  • Can carry 300 pounds in its back rack.
  • Adjustable front shocks.
  • Numerous Textron factory-installed accessories.