For a lot of men thinning hair becomes a reality as they grow older. Luckily, there are many effective products on the market that help to combat this problem. We have taken a look at the popular products currently available in order to bring you this rundown of the best non-prescription products for thinning hair. If you are starting to notice a little less hair on top of your head, or your hair line is starting to recede, keep reading to learn more about how Phyto Phytolium 4, Peter Thomas Roth Hair To Die For, and Nioxin Thickening Spray can help combat thinning hair.

Best Products for Thinning Hair

  • Phyto Phytolium 4
  • Peter Thomas Roth Hair to Die For
  • Nioxin Thickening Spray

Phyto Phytolium 4

This is a favorite of men the world over for its effectiveness in stopping thinning hair. This product has four patents and is touted as the next-generation product in reversing hair thinning. The ingredients re-densify the scalp by extending the life cycle of hair follicles. Clinical studies showed improvement in 79% of participants in a four month period. Phyto Phytolium relies on glycoproteins to stimulate (re)growth and procyanidins that work within the hair bulb to stimulate further growth. The process requires you to massage the balm into your scalp three times per weeks. Phyto Phytolium is available from Amazon for $65.


  • Success in 79% of clinical participants over a four-month period
  • Stimulates regrowth to re-densify the scalp
  • Uses herbs and plants rather than chemicals that can be toxic

Peter Thomas Roth Hair to Die For

This patented “Tri-Phase” technology is known to be effective in helping to curb thinning hair. This affordable option retails at just over $20 and is a popular choice of balding men everywhere. In fact, many users report that positive results are noticeable within the first 10 days of applying the Tri-Phase formula. The product contains no sulfates or parabens and is certified non-GMO. If you want fast results from a product that is affordable and easy to apply Hair to Die For may be the best anti-hair thinning product for you.


  • Non-GMO, no sulfates or parabens
  • Retails for just over $20
  • Visible results after just 10 days of continuous use

Nioxin Thickening Spray

If you want to increase the appearance of fuller hair as you wait for your regrowth to come in, the Nioxin Thickening spray is a simple and effective solution. This polymer attaches to the hair shaft and expands it to give a thicker and fuller appearance to your hair. Simply spray onto damp and clean hair, comb through, and blow dry to further expand the hair shaft. The thickening spray also helps to style the hair and will help to prevent and control frizz. This affordable solution, around $9, is temporary but can create a great looking head of hair for those special nights out.


  • Temporary fix while waiting for hair regrowth
  • Simple and easy to use; can be used daily
  • Also controls frizz


Even though it is in most cases hereditary, thinning hair can be effectively treated. These best products for thinning hair can help stop hair thinning and keep your locks luxurious. Get started today to lessen the effects of heredity and aging on your hair.