Smartphones are an eye into the world’s information pathways, along with a portable entertainment and communication tool, all with a simple touch and swipe motion. Designed with your own personal needs in mind, they provide you with the ability to seek out directions and maps, make or receive phone calls, write an email, locate eating options, play video games, snap and store a photos and tell it what to message via voice dictation. While there are many smartphones on the market to choose from, Samsung arguably makes some of the best smartphones around. The most advanced Samsung smartphones are composed of the latest fluid and curvaceous hardware designs, the most recent technology tools, and high-tech operating enhancements. They go where you go, giving you a fresh, heightened visual experience while maximizing the phone’s charging capability. Reigning at the top of the Samsung Smartphone list, you’ll find the Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung Galaxy Note5, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and Samsung Galaxy S6.

Top 4 Samsung Smartphones

  • Samsung Galaxy J3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galasy S6

Samsung Galaxy J3

Beginning at the top is the Samsung Galaxy J3. For the value, at less than half the cost of other progressive smartphones, this device delivers an attractive, streamlined phone on the outside with a variety of amenities on the inside, including tools to facilitate the conductivity of information. The body of this phone is a slim 5.5 x 3 with an extended battery life lasting up to 15 hours. It showcases the most recent information facilitator and menu options, including a quad-core processor, an AMOLED display, and Android Marshmallow by Google.


  • Great value at less than half the cost of other smartphones
  • Slim 5.5-inch x 3-inch body
  • Extended battery life can last up to 15 hours

Samsung Galaxy Note5

Coming in fashionable second is the Samsung Galaxy Note5. This device provides ease of use with touch assistance and visual reality. Among the latest features, you’ll find a progressive S Pen with an Air Command Menu; a 3-D image producing display screen, that simulates the feeling of real life settings; and portable wireless charging for the flexibility to keep going, anywhere, anytime, uninterrupted with your phone minus the typical wired, plug-in unit chargers.


  • Touch assistance and visual reality features
  • S Pen and Air Command
  • Portable wireless charging capability

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Claiming the third spot is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Bundled into this device, there’s the ability to capture life-like, luminous photos; progressive voice instructions for virtually full-time hands-free operation; edge lighting to color coordinate, as well as, individualize each of your inbound callers; and an extended operating life. The camera produces pro-style pictures without the fuss of a lens change, the innovative S Voice picks up your management instructions, and a quick charging ability powers up your phone in 10 minutes for an 80% reduction in charging time. Some of the outstanding attributes are a fast loading camera with clear photo production even under dim conditions; an express 10 minute charge time, that equals 4 hours of use; and a 64-bit Octa Core allows for heavy duty multi-tasking and complex video gaming.


  • Exceptional photo capabilities
  • Quick charging ability allows you to power up your phone in as little as 10 minutes for up to four hours of use
  • 64-bit Octa Core processor

Samsung Galaxy S6

Rounding up the final fourth position is the Samsung Galaxy S6. It carries a high definition display, an ultra-octane chip set, wireless charging capability, and a top-notch camera. As you explore this mobile brain, there are plenty of visual highlights, such as a screen generating images that practically pop out at you to enhance your virtual reality gaming and app experiences. Take an express picture via a 16MP rear camera in 0.7 seconds by conveniently pressing the home button. Included in the high-tech abilities of this device, you’ll find a 120-degree wide angle camera to capture those expansive horizontal pics; wireless charging for easy on-the-go, wherever-you-need a power boost; and speedy, flash charging created in just a couple minutes.


  • 120-degree wide-angle camera
  • wireless charging capabilities
  • Flash charging ability


These Samsung phones are your traveling buddies, ensuring ease of use and serving you with the best features a traveling BFF can provide. You can capture that fleeting picture before it passes, charge the phone in literally minutes, and feel like you’re part of the screen image with its 3D effect. These pocket gems go with you to work, shopping, vacationing, and are your companion device at home - the phone with a high IQ.