Saving money on your data plan is important to the majority of people today. Most people are trying to save money and get the most out of their plan. Some of the most popular and sought-after options include unlimited data, hotspot, international data and calling, unlimited text and streaming. Many of the most economical data plans right now feature some or all of these extras. The best mobile data plans right now come from T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint. These companies are making it easier than ever for people to get the service they desire for less than a traditional contract plan. They know that value and convenience are a priority and they are working hard to earn their customer’s business.

Best Data Plans

  • T-Mobile ONE Data Plan
  • Verizon Unlimited $70 Data Plan
  • Sprint $70 Unlimited Plan

T-Mobile ONE Data Plan

T-Mobile is currently in the lead when it comes to best service and value for an individual data plan. They offer a large unlimited data allowance before speeds can be throttled during busy or peak hours. This weighs in at an impressive 55 GB, which far exceeds the other plans. In addition, this plan allows you to use your data plan internationally in 210 countries, which is perfect for people who travel abroad. They also use the most extensive network in place today which means you get the broadest coverage and clearer connections from just about anywhere. They also have a feature that lets you add additional services and data for $15 more with the ONE Plus plan.


  • Best value service plans
  • International data allowance
  • Add-ons available

Verizon Unlimited $70 Data Plan

Verizon is one of the top service providers today because they anticipate their customer’s needs and deliver high-quality service that is affordable. This is evident with their Unlimited 70 data plan. You get all of the features you want, plus HD streaming for videos, Tidal, Hulu, and 15 GB of hotspot data.  You can also upgrade the plan for $10 more to include international data and calling. This is a great deal that has a little bit of everything. They also have other plans with more benefits and features for only $15 to $20 more which makes using Verizon a smart choice for people who want value and quality.


  • 15GB hotspot
  • HD video streaming
  • Free streaming services packages

Sprint $70 Unlimited Plan

Sprint has been a top company for several decades and gives their customers the features and quality they want for a great low price. This plan is competitive with the Verizon $70 Unlimited plan. It has all of the same options, except with this plan you may see speeds throttled once they exceed 23 GB. The package also has the option for an add-on that allows you to receive HBO, Showtime, Amazon, or Pandora. The Sprint network is also known for their extensive coverage due to the huge network as well as great call clarity. For more information about add-ons and other deals on similar data plans offered by Sprint, check out their website.


  • Streaming movie and music add-on options
  • Unlimited plan includes taxes and fees
  • Hotspot allowance


The best data plans are designed to help customers get more for their money. They are perfect for the individual who wants to browse the internet or watch movies from their phone or hotspot on a regular basis. These plans also cost about the same and the difference really show up when it comes to the extra features such as hotspot data allowance, international data and calling, as well as streaming services.