When you have poor credit, getting a checking account can seem next to impossible. Fortunately, second-chance checking accounts can help people with bad credit establish healthy financial histories and get back on their feet. The following banks are among the top providers of second-chance checking: BBVA Compass, First National Bank & Trust Company, PNC Bank, Republic Bank, and Woodforest National Bank. Checking accounts are vital for being active in today’s society, as they offer the freedom to spend, store and transfer money while providing protection for your assets. Although all of these accounts charge fees, they give you access to checking and savings accounts to handle your finances and grow your credit.

Top 5 Second-Chance Checking Providers:

  • BBVA Compass
  • First National Bank & Trust Company
  • PNC Financial Services Group
  • Republic Bank
  • Woodforest National Bank

BBVA Compass

If you have bad credit then a BBVA Compass Easy Checking account can help you manage your money. This product will be offered to you if you do not qualify for a BBVA free checking account. What you get with Easy Checking is unlimited check writing; online banking that includes mobile banking, online bill pay and statements, a Visa® debit card and no fee usage of BBVA Compass ATM’s. Offering a low initial deposit of $25, the monthly fee is $13.95 with no minimum balance fee. An added benefit is that after you have had your Easy Checking account for 12 months you will have the option to upgrade your account if it is still active and you have a positive account balance.


  • Unlimited check writing
  • Mobile banking app
  • Online bill pay

First National Bank & Trust Company

Renew checking at First National Bank & Trust Company is designed for those who have less than perfect credit and allows them the benefits of a personal checking account. The features of this second chance checking account includes free mobile banking and apps, online banking and bill pay, a debit MasterCard with rewards and access to 70,000 surcharge-free MoneyPass and Allpoint ATM’s around the world. The initial deposit for a Renew checking account is $25 and the monthly is $7.95 to $9.95 per month. There is no minimum balance required to keep your account active.


  • Debit Mastercard available
  • No minimum balances
  • Initial deposit of $25

PNC Financial Services Group

The PNC Foundation Checking account is offered to customers who do not qualify for their other products. This is a basic account that requires an initial deposit of $25, a monthly service charge of $7 and a statement fee of $2. One requirement that makes it unique is that customers must complete PNC’s Foundations of Money Management course before they can open their account, which is a valuable tool that can help you get your finances on track. Customers are encouraged to upgrade their Foundation Checking to another product after they have had it for six months or more, which can help improve your financial standing.


  • Upgrade to better accounts available after six months
  • Initial $25 deposit
  • Monthly $7 service charge

Republic Bank

The Checking Builder account from Republic Bank is offered to customers who find it difficult to get a regular checking account. Designed to help you rebuild your banking privileges the account requires $50 to open it, requires no minimum balance, unlimited Check Card transactions that give you access to free withdrawals from Republic Bank/Presto/SUM/MoneyPass/Allpoint/ ATM locations. Free internet banking and unlimited automatic payments offer you a less costly way to do business than paying high ATM and money order fees that are required to pay bills when you do not have a checking account.


  • Free ATM withdrawals
  • Unlimited automatic bill payments
  • No minimum balances

Woodforest National Bank

The only product they offer, Second Chance Checking can help you get your finance on track with an affordable account. The minimum deposit is $50 and there is an account set-up fee of $9 and a $15 one-time set-up fee for a debit card. Monthly maintenance of the account is $9.95 if you have direct deposit and $11.95 if you do not have it. ATM withdrawal is free if you use a Woodforest ATM but if you do not, there is a fee of $2.50. This second chance checking account is a little more costly, per month, than other providers are because it is the only product offered by Woodforest National Bank. This means that they do not provide the account upgrades offered by other financial institutions, which is a desirable feature if you hope to improve your credit score.


  • $15 one-time setup fee
  • Must use Woodforest ATMs to avoid fees
  • No account upgrades

Second-chance checking can be a huge help if you don’t qualify for a standard checking account. Compare plans offered by different banks to find the second-chance option that’s best for you. Remember to ask about startup fees, service charges, minimum balances, account upgrade options and other relevant features. Even if you have bad credit, you can find a second-chance bank account to work toward the financial history you need.