An Antarctica cruise is truly the trip of a lifetime. While many people never travel outside their comfort zones, Antarctica has so much to offer that anyone who gets an opportunity should pack immediately. The wildlife is unique, allowing passengers to see whales, penguins and unfamiliar birds up close. The kind of people on the cruise have a lot to offer too, as they will be from various areas around the world. A trip to Antarctica can offer valuable lessons in science, geography and sociology, in a fun, hands-on environment. Cruises are not as out of reach as many people imagine.

Great Antarctic Cruise Deals

  • Antarctic Small Ship Expedition from Adventure Life
  • Photography Series: Antarctic Explorer by Quark Expeditions
  • 17-night Antarctica Pursuit Voyage starting at only $3,599

Antarctic Small Ship Expedition from Adventure Life

What makes this trip special is the small size, which makes it easier for individuals to feel like an important part of the adventure. The trip itself lasts for 10 days, departing from Ushuaia, Argentina on the first day and proceeding through the Drake Passage before spending days four through seven on an Antarctic Exploration. Passengers will see ocean, wildlife, fjords and icebergs. Using expert polar guides, passengers explore the Antarctic landscape, an experience they will be able to talk about for the rest of their lives. At $5,995, this personalized trip is a bargain for an inclusive 10 days.


  • Smaller size makes for bigger adventure
  • Travel the infamous Drake Passage
  • Expert guides help to explore Antarctic terrain

Photography Series: Antarctic Explorer by Quark Expeditions

Starting at $6,670, this cruise offers 11 days to the Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Expert photographers lead the way, helping to provide a unique way of looking at one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Also included aa part of the trip are special workshops and lectures, so passengers will learn how to take amazing photographs on their own. Passengers also get to try cruising through sea ice in a Zodiac, putting them right in the action. There are also experts on board who can detail the unique wildlife. For those who are interested, there are more strenuous activities available, like snowshoeing.


  • Expert photography lectures and workshops
  • Riding in a Zodiac
  • Extra adventures available

17-Night Antarctica Pursuit Voyage from Amazara Club Cruises

A more traditional cruise on a big ship, the Amazara Pursuit, this cruise takes off from Argentina and allows passengers to enjoy the unique environment in their own style and at their own pace. While traveling to the Arctic Peninsula, passengers will be taken care of in every way, with a variety of food and onboard entertainment. For those who want to be spoiled while experiencing the amazing locations on an Arctic voyage, this trip has everything to offer.


  • Great price starting at $3,599
  • 17 nights of adventure
  • All the pleasures of a traditional cruise


It is said that someone who travels comes back as a different person. Whether choosing a traditional experience or one which is more hands-on, an Antarctic cruise is sure to provide a life-changing experience for anyone brave enough to try it.