Check out the latest information on Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9! The word is out, and it looks like the Galaxy Note 9 might actually be here sooner rather than later. This is great news for those who are ready to upgrade their smartphone, because the Galaxy Note 9 is sure to deliver when it comes to performance and tech. Based on expert speculation and spy reports, it sounds like Samsung is going all out with their latest smartphone, delivering one of the best smartphone cameras on the market and offering some important design changes. If you want to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, there’s not a whole lot we know for sure but from what we can gather, this may be the smartphone you’ve been waiting for. Read on to find out more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rundown

  • Design
  • Features
  • Release


Already the Galaxy Note 9 has been delayed for some design tweaks, so it’s safe to say that we can expect some kind of changes when it comes to design. As Samsung begins to phase out bezels from their phones, the Note 9 is sure to feature reduced bezels on the top and bottom. Other changes include the relocation of the fingerprint and heart rate sensors. Some reports are suggesting that the sensor won’t return at all, but there’s no reason to worry until we have more information. The processor included is likely to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 as is included with most high-end smartphones these days, delivering the fastest, most efficient performance. Also expect at least 6GB of RAM or up to 8GB. The battery may be updated to a 3,800 mAh for greater battery life. And while the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 featured only one speaker, the new model may have two – or more! Of course, the pristine 6.3-inch screen featured in the Note 8 will return as well and given that its already one of the best, it’s not likely to face any major changes.


  • Greater battery life
  • Changed fingerprint sensor
  • Potentially superior sound system


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will likely expand upon a number of great features included in previous Galaxy models. As mentioned, the fingerprint sensor for security is likely to return. Face scanning should be improved too, proving more reliable and secure. Also returning is the Bixby assistant, but this time, better than ever – potentially rivaling Siri. However, the main attraction is the phone’s camera. It is suggested that the same dual-camera with 2x optical zoom will make its return from the Note 8, allowing you to take higher quality photos from further away. The variable aperture featured in the S9 which allows you to take better photos in low light, will most likely be included in the Note 9 too.


  • Variable aperture camera
  • 2x optical magnification returns
  • Improved Bixby virtual assistant


Having only been delayed a couple weeks at most, Samsung is working quickly to get the Note 9 on the shelves as soon as possible. As they get everything ready, experts have been speculating a release date as early as the end of August – just a little under two months. If true, it may be one of the most exciting surprises of the year. As for the price, it is likely to be fairly high given all the features and high-end tech included. The previous model, the Note 8, cost as much as $929 when it was released and the Note 9 is likely to be in the same price range.


  • May be released as early as August
  • Was previously delayed
  • Expensive


Get ready for one of the most exciting smartphones in years! Offering a fantastic camera, fast processor and improved features, Samsung is going all out with the Galaxy Note 9.