It is essential for a chef to look the part with a high-quality, durable chef coat! The term “chef coat” refers to any number of uniformed jackets or shirts worn by back of house kitchen staff members, from the line cook to the sous chef and executive chef. Many kitchens even require that their dishwashers and kitchen porters wear some form of chef coat that is both comfortable and functional. The best coats keep the wearer cool and comfortable in an otherwise hot environment, and they must dry quickly in the event of accidental spills. Many also have useful pockets for small utensils and pens. For some chefs, choosing a chef coat is a matter of expressing personal style. The best chef coats are from Chef Works, Chef Wear and Read on to find out what you need to know about finding the best chef coats for your needs.

Best Chef Coat Brands

  • Chef Works
  • Chef Wear

Chef Works

This is a longtime industry favorite that specializes in a range of kitchen products but has an impressive line of chef coats for both men and women. From lightweight, short-sleeve styles for more casual or highly active kitchens to traditional long-sleeve designs, it’s easy to find Chef Works coats for just about every kind of setting. They also have a wide range of executive chef jackets, and almost all styles in general come with the option for embroidery in 13 different font styles (preventing the need for having to send the jacket elsewhere for this once it is received). This line of chef coats is also surprisingly affordable, with most falling between $30 and $50 (standard industry prices are between $50 and upwards of $100).


  • Large selection at affordable prices
  • Variety of both short-sleeve and long-sleeve designs
  • Offers embroidery in 13 different styles

Chef Wear

Chef Wear also carries numerous other kitchen products, but they are best known for their chef coats. They carry an extremely diverse selection of lightweight and durable short-sleeve and long-sleeve jackets, with prices varying greatly to fit all budgets (very basic jackets can be found for less than $10). Chef Wear also offers embroidery, with 8 different styles and 19 different colors to choose from. It is also worth noting that Chef Wear is different from a lot of other chef coat retailers in that it has a membership program, offering free shipping and a 10 percent discount to new members. From there, members have access to further discounts on a wide range of Chef Wear products.


  • Offers free shipping and other discounts for members
  • Very basic styles can be found for under $10
  • Offers embroidery in 8 different styles and 19 colors

This website has some of the best deals available for chef coats. Not only do they regularly offer 45 percent off on select styles, but they also run 10 percent off on orders of $99 or more and 15 percent off on orders of $135 or more. Making things even better is their $6.99 flat rate shipping cost. But of course, the coats themselves are impressive, coming in a decent range of standard and tailored styles. also has one of the widest selections for female chefs available, in over 50 different styles. They also offer embroidery on most coats, with 10 different styles and 23 different colors to choose from.


  • Best online deals available with up to 45 percent off and flat rate shipping
  • Over 50 different styles for female chefs
  • Offers embroidery in 10 styles and 23 colors


It is important to shop around first before just picking the first chef coat that comes up. After all, many similar styles are listed at different prices, and there could be a better deal available elsewhere. If a bulk order needs to be placed (such as for general kitchen staff uniforms), then it is a good idea to consider signing up for a membership program and looking for sales specials. All in all, there is no one right chef coat for all kitchens, and the wide range of ones available represent the diversity of the food and beverage industry in general.