There are many brands that provide illeostomy pouch bags. As a result, it can prove difficult to discern which brands are worth purchasing and which are not worth purchasing. Careful research is necessary to find out whose claims are correct and whose claims are partially or entirely false. That being said, here are the top four illeostomy pouch brands. All four of these brands produce quality products that work well, are reasonably priced, and have garnered a largely positive response from consumers. The brands include ConvaTec, Coloplast, Cymed, Nu-Hope and ConvaTec.

Top 4 Illeostomy Pouch Brands

  • ConvaTec
  • Coloplast
  • Cymed
  • Nu-Hope
  • Great products


Ileostomy pouches are designed for a watery output and are made to contain the output, although the design of the pouches vary from those products that are drainable and those that are not drainable. ConvaTec’s illeostomy pouches, like many others, are mostly drainable versions, but closed illeostomy pouches can also be purchased. One product offered by ConvaTec is their one-piece drainable precut two-inch pouch with stomahesive barrier. This product is particularly effective due to its stomahesive barrier, which keeps the output in, and its drainability allowing for easy disposal. Another excellent product made by ConvaTec is their one-piece drainable pouch precut three-quarter inch with a ten-inch opening. All the illeostomy pouches manufactured by ConvaTec are wonderful products, but these two stand out even amongst their other products.


  • Drainable pouches
  • stomahesive barrier
  • High-quality pouches


Coloplast also produces high-quality illeostomy bags and many of their products can also be used for colostomy. Coloplast manufactures the Assura two-piece closed pouch with dimensions of two to three inches and eight inches. These closed pouches are also transparent. This product also comes with a Coloplast Skin Barrier to attach to your body and protect your body from stoma output. The Assura Easiclose wide outlet standard wear pouches are also made by Coloplast. This product is specifically designed for wider stoma and will accommodate anyone who requires such a specific design. It is also lightweight making it easy to drain even for those with muscle pain or nerve damage and furthermore, it is quite easy to close.


  • Versatility of products
  • Two-piece pouches
  • Extra protection from stoma output


A third manufacturer of excellent illeostomy bags is the company Cymed. Like many other companies’ products, the majority of their illeostomy pouches are drainable. One excellent product produced by Cymed is their MicroSkin one-piece eleven-inch drainable illeostomy bag with a six-inch thick skin barrier. Aside from its usefulness due to it being drainable, the product also provides extra protection from the stoma output with its six-inch thick skin barrier. Another great product made by Cymed is the MicroSkin one-piece nine-inch drainable bag with thick washer. The thick washer is another method of extra protection from stoma output but additionally, precut and cut-to-fit skin barrier wafers are also available with any purchase of this product.


  • Thick skin barrier
  • Thick washer
  • Small size but same effectiveness


Now we come to Nu-Hope. One product that they offer is their miniature post-operation drainable illeostomy bag with dimensions of one and two inches. Despite its small size, it is very effective in collecting stoma output and is a product worth considering.


  • Effective
  • Small size
  • Drainable


All of the companies examined offer excellent products. These ileostomy pouches perform a variety of functions, but all of them are high-quality, reasonably priced, and are effective. Which company and product you ultimately decide to choose depends entirely on your specific needs.