Best Credit Report Websites



When is the last time you checked your credit report? It is important to check your credit report regularly to make sure you’re on top of your bills and not falling victim to identity theft. If something is wrong, it could lower your score drastically and keep you from getting loans. There are three credit bureaus that keep track of credit and have your credit score, they are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. There is a government agency that will show you your score free once per year, but your score can change often. There are several companies that will help you get access to your scores as often as you want, and many of them offer other financial services as well. It is wise to be careful, however, as there are fake sites with similar sounding names, and some sites are just wanting you to pay for things you can get for free. The three most reputable sites are,, and Read on to learn more.

Top 3 Credit Report Websites


Creditkarma offers access to your credit reports at any time, and they send you a weekly update. They offer this service for free. The only catch is they then send you information about credit cards and other financial materials that might interest you. They make their money from referrals. This company will also send you alerts if anything changes in your credit report, and can help you avoid identity theft. They also offer a variety of tools and tips to help you best use credit and to make the most of your credit score. They can also help you search for unclaimed money that many states have waiting for someone to claim. Their reports also help you make sense of the scores, and they offer some analysis of your report as well.


  • Easy to read reports
  • Tools and tips for using credit
  • Credit monitoring


Credit Sesame is a similar agency that offers access to all your credit report information at any time. They help you monitor and manage your credit, and with a paid membership you get $50,000 in identity theft insurance. They will also help you with fraud resolution. Credit Sesame offers articles about finances to help you improve your scores, and to better use the financial system. They will send you daily monitoring results about any changes that happen in your report. Credit Sesame offers real time monitoring, and they promise to always have you up to date. This company also offers charts to show you trends in your finances, which can be a valuable tool for managing your finances. They also have mobile apps to allow access at any time.


  • Free identity theft protection
  • Free credit scores and monitoring
  • Free credit report card

This is a company that can help you repair your credit. Part of that is keeping up with what your score is and handling any changes that may happen. They offer a free Experian score, personalized report cards and they also provide you with offers of credit cards and loan companies. They have information about comparing credit cards and loans, and information on how to manage your finances. They also offer guidance in helping you repair a bad credit report or score. Another feature of is helping you manage your credit, and they offer plans to help you take action in that area. does, of course, offer free scores, but their primary goal is to offer assistance in managing credit.


  • Free Experian credit score
  • Personalized financial report card
  • Action plan for managing credit


You don’t need to sign up with one of these companies in order to see your credit report. However, these companies offer benefits beyond your one free annual viewing through the government. As long as you don’t get swept away by credit card offers, you could likely benefit from a membership with one of these leading credit report companies.