Despite experiencing difficulty with stairs, many seniors maintain good health but find stairs to be a challenge. Injuries, arthritis and other health conditions can make between floors of your house painful, dangerous or even impossible. While some seniors choose to move to a single-story home in order to keep their independence, there is another solution: stair lifts. If you or a loved one has difficulty with stairs but wish to stay in your current home, installing a stair lift may be the solution for you. Stair lifts such as the Bruno Elite Curve Stair lift, Acorn 130 Stair lift, Handicare 1000 Stair lift and Ascent Hawle Stair lift are gaining popularity with the senior citizen population. Read on to learn more about these options.

Top 4 Stair Chair Lifts For Seniors

  • Bruno Elite Curve Stair lift
  • Acorn 130 Stair lift
  • Handicare 1000 Stair lift
  • Ascent Hawle Stair lift

Bruno Elite Curve Stair lift

Many stair lifts on the market are designed for straight staircases without any curves or landings. However, the Bruno Elite Curve Stair lift excels at meeting the needs of your home. Without causing any structural changes to your home, the Bruno Elite Curve is customized to fit every curve in your staircases. Not only is the lift functional, but the padded seat allows for a comfortable ride. The Bruno Elite Curve Stair Lift won’t look out of place in your home; you have the ability to add custom fabrics allowing this lift fit the decor and theme of your house. For added convenience, opt for the power swivel seat.


  • Customized to fit curved staircases
  • Power swivel seat
  • Custom fabric available for your seat

Acorn 130 Stair Lift

Approved by the Arthritis Foundation and awarded the “Ease of Use” title, the Acorn 130 Stair lift is one of the most user-friendly stair lifts in the industry. Although this lift is designed only for straight staircases, its safety features outrank many other lifts. Safety features include a seat belt, a childproof lockable on/off switch, and five safety sensors that halt the process if any obstacle is detected. The padded seat can be folded in order to save space in your stairwell.


  • Childproof lockable switch
  • Five safety sensors
  • Space-saving foldable seat

Handicare 1000 Stair lift

If you are looking for a lift with many options, then consider the Handicare 1000 Stair lift. While the lift features standard elements such as safety belt, foldable seat, and DC power, the lift goes beyond what is necessary and offers its user many options to create a truly customized seat. Choose from six color choices for the upholstery of the seat. Because of the durable fabric and design, this lift is able to be installed both indoors and outdoors. This lift has a 350 pound limit and has a battery back up.


  • Six choices for fabric
  • 350 pound limit
  • Battery back up

Ascent Hawle Stair lift

The Hawle Stair lift by Ascent Stair lifts takes maneuverability within your home to a whole new level. From the design to the function, the Hawle is truly the most elegant and sophisticated model in the industry. Choose the type of fabric and color you desire; design is taken one step further as you select the rail color as well. The Hawle lift can work with any staircase configuration as control panels are situated on both sides of the chair. The Hawle even features a digital diagnostics display. Rest easy with this investment as the lift is backed with a 2 year parts warranty (5 year warranty on the drive train).


  • 2 year parts warranty
  • Digital diagnostics display
  • Customizable fabric, color, and rail


Investing in a quality stair lift not only increases your mobility throughout your house, but allows you to feel confident, safe, and independent. For the best experience, choose one of these stair lifts and conquer your stairs.