Choosing the right infant formula is a personal decision for each parent. There are many brands to choose from, including brands you might not have seen at your local grocery store. Some of the newer formulas are soy-based, although doctors usually recommend formulas based from the milk of dairy cows. Different formulas have different amounts of sugar and artificial ingredients, and some might be better for infants with different nutritional needs. The top three brands of infant formulas we’ve found are Similac Advance Infant Formula, Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula and Enfamil Premium Infant Formula. Read on to learn more about these three great options.

Similac Advance Infant Formula

Similac Advance Infant Formula is designed for a baby’s first year of life and contains a human milk-based probiotic to help nourish the immune system. This non-GMO formula is fortified with vitamin E, DHA and Lutein for promoting key growth functions, and the formula’s primary ingredients are nonfat milk, lactose and whey protein concentrate. The formula is rich in numerous other vitamins in minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin D, niacin, thramin, potassium and calcium.

  • Contains milk-based probiotics
  • Rich in many vitamins and minerals
  • Fortified with DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E

Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula

Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula is another great product from one of the most well-known producers in this market. Unlike many other infant formulas, Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula is completely organic and gluten-free! While most babies don’t need formula that meets these standards, this option is invaluable for those who do. Any milk products contained in the ingredients of this formula came from dairy cows that weren’t treated with steroids, antibiotics or hormones. This formula also contains a higher percentage of healthy fatty acids.

  • Completely organic
  • Gluten-free formula
  • High in healthy fatty acids

Enfamil Premium Infant Formula

Enfamil Premium Infant Formula contains a unique blend of 30 nutrients designed to foster growth and healthy organ development. It also contains a blend of antibiotics to aid in digestion and promote the development of a strong immune system. It’s a non-GMO product that is also high in healthy fatty acids, with options available for both newborns and infants. It is a top-recommended product from pediatricians, according to Enfamil’s website.

  • Non-GMO product
  • Features blend of 30 nutrients to promote healthy growth
  • Highly recommended by pediatricians


Choosing the best infant formula for your baby might seem like a tough decision. However, you can have confidence in numerous high-quality products available for purchase. The three infant formulas discussed here are only the best we’ve found, but your search might yield different results. Just be sure to do careful research when comparing your options.