Are you considering a career in healthcare administration? Success in the field of Healthcare, specifically healthcare administration, requires sufficient training and above-average attention to detail in curriculum standards. This article will review the top 5 best Master’s in Healthcare Administration programs according to class options, faculty experience and department reputations. Ranked highest to lowest, this review will cover: Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins University, University of Washington, Xavier University, and Texas State University. Read on to learn more about these top-rated healthcare administration degree programs.

Top 5 Healthcare Administration Degrees

  • Carnegie Mellon
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Washington
  • Xavier University
  • Texas State University

Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon, situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a private university and the number one university for top MHA programs. Carnegie Mellon sets itself apart from the pack because it best prepares its graduates to land jobs through self-marketing skills and team-based learning. Students of this program can also easily attach an MBA degree along with their MHA degree to diversify and “double” their education and learn all angles of the business side of health administration. The price for this stellar education comes out to $20,226 per semester. Graduates from this program can specialize in either economics and policy, IT and operations, and/or management and organization. The breadth in opportunities, well-versed instructors, and credibility of this university and it’s program land Carnegie Mellon comfortably in the number one slot on the list of top 5 Masters’s in Health Administration program countdown.


  • Easily double major with MBA
  • Accredited university
  • Team-based learning

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins, a Baltimore gem, is a well-renowned school recognized for it’s successes in medicine and health-related programs. Thus, it is no surprise that JHU secures itself in the number 2 spot for top 5 MHA programs in the country. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is the largest school of public health in the world, and due to the smooth-running curriculum and organized administration, it is also one of the best schools for MHA on the planet. The tuition for JHU comes in at $53,520 for the entire program or $892 per credit for part time attendees. What makes Johns Hopkins’ MHA program so unique is its emphasis on U.S. healthcare challenges and barriers, giving students a realistic perspective on the field in which they will soon be entering.


  • Globall-recognized university
  • Available for part-time students
  • Learn ins and outs of U.S. healthcare system

University of Washington

The University of Washington, a full-time MHA program, offers students a challenging curriculum with access to professional development through their mentorship services, team-based learning, and a hands-on internship. Tuition for the MHA program at U of W is $46,513 for the full two-year program and an Executive Master’s of Healthcare Administration degree is offered for those students who want to qualify for more senior positions in this field. University of Washington places in the top three for a number of reasons, but a few key features are the opportunities for growth, networking, and career development provided to its students.


  • Reasonable tuition
  • Executive Master’s program available
  • Networking opportunities

Xavier University

Xavier University, located near Cincinnati, Ohio, is a private, Catholic University and ranks as number four on the list due to its reputation as one on the most elite Health Administration Master’s programs in the country. Xavier is one of a select bunch of schools that offers students an additional third year in the program, dedicated to administrative residency. Xavier’s program covers many of the technical aspects of the field, including ethics, policy, clinical skills, finances, and more. Graduates leave Xavier University prepared and are able to easily find and secure their dream job. Tuition for the Master’s in HA program at Xavier University is $576 per unit hour, however students are paid for the time spent in residency, gaining an average stipend amount of $40,000.


  • Residency year provides hands on experience
  • Stipend guaranteed in third year
  • Well-rounded curriculum

Texas State University

Texas State University, found in San Marcos, Texas, offers students enrolled in the Master’s of MHA program 43 course hours and between 6-8 hours of thesis work, which they are required to spend out in the field, gaining real, hands-on experience. TSU’s wide range of classes, in vivo fieldwork, and stellar reputation land this program as the final spot in this top 5 ranking. Tuition differs for state vs. out-of-state students, charging $251/credit hour for in-state and $564/credit hour for out of state.


  • Hands-on experience guaranteed
  • Well-trained and educated staff
  • Nationally recognized university


There are many schools that offer well-suited options for those interested in the healthcare career path. Features to consider are cost, reputation, class size, class options, post-graduation job success rates, etc. If a Master’s in HA is required for your career path of choice, it is best to do your research and assess the qualities of a program that are most important to you.