Ordering custom checks is not easier and more safe than ever before! Customized personal checks can express your personality or tell people something about your business, but you want to make sure that the checks are secure when you write them. This is something you know the checks you get from your bank offer, but may not be something online check printing services offer. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up personal security to get inexpensive customized checks.While it is nice to get checks that are personalized, you don’t want to spend more on your checks than you do writing them. The best three online companies for ordering custom checks include Check Advantage, Carousel Checks LLC, and Checks in the Mail. Read on to find out more about the best companies for ordering custom checks.

Best Companies for Ordering Custom Checks

  • Check Advantage
  • Carousel Checks LLC
  • Checks in the Mail

Check Advantage

Check Advantage offers one of the largest selections of designs in both personal and business checks. At this point, there are over 2,500 designs to choose from. They are check manufacturers, so all of the work is in-house. This makes it easier to not only get what you want but to also get it quickly. All your information is contained in one place. Businesses have trusted this company with their check needs for over twelve years and it has only been recently they have extended their offerings to personal checks. This company even offers photo checks with security features. Normally they offer the low price of $24 for a box of 100 customized checks, which is less than many other places for photo checks. This company also regularly offers a special where you can get a box for less than six dollars.


  • Offer EZ Shield protection options for even greater security
  • Free shipping available
  • Basic checks priced at $7.50 per box

Carousel Checks LLC

Carousel Checks offers the greatest value for those who want to order checks online. There basic parchment checks with name/address information are always $5.99 a box. If you add the security feature, you can get the check in one of four different colors and the price is only $7.99 a box. There is a large selection of designs in both personal and business categories and you can order regular style checks, ones that have top-tearing receipts and desk sets of three per page.


  • Offers a “check learning” set with checks, register, cover and instructions for those getting their first checking account
  • Free shipping on up to four boxes at a time on personal checks
  • Monthly discounts and coupons to further reduce cost, such as buy 3, get 1 free

Checks in the Mail

Checks in the Mail has been in the check business longer than any other check business. They have been providing checks for businesses and personal use since 1922. They offer approximately 200 different designs to choose from. This company has a long history of excellent customer service and they make contact easy. They have one of the highest security measures in place, protecting your information when you order and protecting your checks. Their lowest-priced checks, with the basic information included and security measures in place will cost $4.99 for a pack of 25 checks.


  • Uses four security measures in the printing of all checks
  • Offer eco-friendly and recycled checks
  • Excellent customer service


Don’t settle for plain bank checks in order to get security. Online ordering from trusted check printing companies can offer variety, personalization, security and more and this all comes at a price that is often lower than that you would pay to a bank.