If you are a programmer or would like to become one, you’re likely already aware of the Java programming language. Java has retained popularity over the years, even though many other programming languages have come into existence. The IEEE Spectrum ranking for 2016 confirms that Java maintains its title as the world’s best programming language. In addition, the latest reports confirm that Java programmers have kept their standing as being some of the industry’s highest paid programmers. Employers hire Java programmers because it’s estimated that Java is running on 3 billion devices around the globe. Java allows you to make programs that can work anywhere, including ATMs, servers, smartphones, Blu-Ray players, set-top boxes, televisions, POS (Point of Sale) terminals, medical devices, automobiles, Kindle e-readers and more. The following list of the top four Java training programs available will be helpful in choosing the best program for you.

Top 4 Java Training Programs

  • Learning Tree International
  • Oracle University
  • Udemy
  • ONLC Training Centers

Learning Tree International

Learning Tree International offers a broad curriculum on Java programming training. You will learn how to design high-performance, scalable Java applications with Hibernate or Spring, as well as how to build RESTful and SOAP web services. Some of their most popular courses offered include Java Best Design Patterns and Practices, New Features of Java 8 (parts 1 and 2), How to Develop Java Web Applications, How to Build Java Enterprise Apps EJB3, JPA, Ajax, and JSF, and Specialized Web Services Developers Java Training.


  • Broad curriculum on Java programming training
  • Learn to design scalable, high-performance applications
  • Hibernate or Spring Build java Enterprise apps EjB3, JPA, Ajax, and Jsf

Oracle University

Oracle provides a broad spectrum of Java developer training and tutorials for the beginner, as well as for the experienced developer who wants to get caught up on the latest release. All courses are built in combination with Oracle’s product development teams and are taught by the expert instructors of Oracle University. Four different platforms are available - Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, and Enterprise Architecture. Java SE covers the enhancements of Java SE 8 that are available. Java EE addresses back-end application development for Java EE 7. Java ME covers the development of wireless mobile components, and Enterprise Architecture equips software architects of Java to create scalable, secure, flexible designs.


  • Java SE 8 training
  • Java EE 7 back-end application development
  • Java ME development of wireless mobile components


Udemy has an outstanding Java Tutorial that is geared for complete beginners. Its 16 hours of instruction containing 75 lectures have been taken by almost 630,000 people. The only requirement for the course is a basic fluency in computers. Students will learn to program in Java, and will learn about the Java Development Kit, Java Virtual Machine, how to create an elementary Java program using Eclipse and much more.


  • Java beginning tutorial
  • Only requirement is basic computer fluency
  • Learn to create a Java program using Eclipse

ONLC Training Centers

ONLC offers Java Programmer classes at more than 300 computer-training locations. Prerequisite classes include either Programming with VBA (Excel 2013) or Introduction to Programming 10975. Additional classes include Introduction to Java Programming, Intro to Java for Non-C programs, the Enterprise edition of Java programming, Intermediate and Advanced Java Programming. The intermediate Java Programming class includes collection tuning and sorting, inner and anonymous classes, an intro to Swing and Swing AWT, an intro to JDBC, as well as JDBC SQL programming. It also covers regular expressions and pattern matching, quantifiers and assertions, the Queue, List, and Set interfaces, Mouse Events, Layout Managers, and Border, Flow, Grid, and Box Layout.


  • Java programming classes available at over 300 locations
  • Prerequisite class includes Programming with VBA (Excel 2013)
  • Classes include collection tuning and sorting, inner and anonymous classes, an intro to Swing and Swing AWT, and an intro to JDBC


If you’re looking to delve into the world of Java, these four Java training programs offer everything you need to get started. Keep in mind that some require previous programming experience, while others require only that you’re familiar working with computers. When choosing the right program for your needs, contact each school to learn more about admissions and other requirements.