Jeans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your closet, and when you find the perfect pair it can last you forever. With so many boutiques, online retailers, and big name brands, it can be hard to find that perfect pair of jeans. From designer brands you can see on the runway to cheaper options you can find in the big box stores, jeans come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. They are arguably the most popular clothing choice in the United States, so it’s no wonder there are so many options out there. Three of the best blue jeans brands for you to consider on your next shopping trip are Levi’s, Calvin Klein, and True Religion. Continue reading to learn more about the best blue jeans brands.

Best Blue Jeans Brands

  • Levi’s Blue Jeans
  • Calvin Klein Blue Jeans
  • True Religion Blue Jeans

Levi’s Blue Jeans

If you’re looking for a true classic, you can’t go wrong with Levi’s. This brand has been around since 1873 and they know a few things about making a solid pair of jeans. Levi’s come in mens, womens, kids, and even baby sizes, and they even allow you to customize and personalize your jeans. If you’re not looking to customize your jeans, Levi’s offers the following fits: super skinny, skinny, slim, straight, wedge, boyfriend, and bootcut for women. For men, you can choose from skinny, slim, taper, athletic, straight, bootcut, relaxed, and big and tall. With prices starting as low as $15, this is a great brand to fit any budget. While the prices vary, the average Levi’s jeans will run you about $50.


  • Customization and personalization options
  • Prices starting at $15
  • Offers mens, womens, kids, and babies sizes

Calvin Klein Blue Jeans

This is a brand that everyone knows and loves and believe it or not, they make more than just underwear. Calvin Klein also carries mens, womens, and kids jeans sizes. Different fits for women include body, boot, boy, skinny, slim, straight, and super skinny. Men’s fits can be found in relaxed fit, skinny, slim, straight, and tapered. Calvin Klein jeans come in a wide price range, but you can find a good pair for as low as $25. Calvin Klein also offers more unique jeans with unconventional prints; these options start at $200.


  • Prices as low as $25
  • Offers unique prints
  • Comes in sizes for men, women, and kids 

True Religion Blue Jeans

True Religion is a higher end brand that is perfect if you’re looking for that pair of jeans that will really last you forever. Sizes come in men’s, women’s, and kids. True Religion offers different fit options as well as unique styles within each fit. The fits for men include straight, skinny, slim, and bootcut. For women, fits include skinny, super skinny, high rise, bootcut, boyfriend, and straight. As a designer brand, True Religion jeans have a higher price tag. The cheapest option they offer is $60. At the top end, a pair of True Religion jeans costs $330. This isn’t cheap, but may be worth paying if you find the right jeans that will become a staple in your wardrobe.


  • Unique styles and fits
  • Prices starting at $60
  • High end designer brand


On first glance, it may seem that all blue jeans brands are the same, but anyone who has ever found the perfect pair of jeans that hugs their body just right knows that isn’t the case. Sometimes that right pair might be hiding on the discount rack, and other times you may need to try on the designer pair to feel that magic. Levi’s, Calvin Klein, and True Religion all offer various options with different unique selling points. With so many options, there is bound to be a fit for everyone.