Whether employed on a construction site, as a truck driver, or in an office, working men understand the importance of having a quality pair of boots. After all, bad boots can often result in daily discomfort and long-term foot issues. With this in mind, men often wonder which boots they should buy to keep their feet healthy, happy, and looking good. Though there are many excellent options on the market, few can match the quality and craftsmanship of the Timberland PRO Work Boots, the Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Boots, or the Clarks Desert Boots. Read on to find out exactly why these are the best boots for men.

Top Three Best Boots For Men

  • Timberland PRO Work Boots
  • Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Boots
  • Clarks Desert Boots

Timberland PRO Work Boot

For the busy working man, there are few boots better than the Timberland PRO Work Boots. Besides their stylish good looks, these boots also offer both comfort and protection. Their waterproof boots, made of leather uppers and specialized interior membranes, help to lock out any water that the wearer might encounter, and the padded top collar makes the wearer’s feet feel like they are wrapped in a pillow. For added comfort with every step, these boots include a contoured shock diffusion plate and anti-fatigue polyurethane footbeds. These Timberland boots also feature an odor control lining and are available in a choice of three different colors - brown, black, and tan. These boots are available for $170.


  • Waterproof
  • Padded collar for comfort
  • Mesh odor control lining

Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Boots

Dr. Martens have long been known as a producer of fine footwear, and this is certainly the case when it comes to their 1460 Smooth Boots. Featuring eight eyes, grooved sides, and yellow stitching, these boots exude style and class. However, these winter boots for men don’t just look good - they feel good too. Their air-cushioned sole can make even the toughest work day feel like a breeze. Made from a firm, finished leather, these boots are available in a choice of five colors - black, red, blue, green, and white. You can pick yourself up a pair of 1460 Smooth Boots for around $140.


  • Iconic Dr. Martens style
  • Comfortable air-cushioned sole
  • Plenty of color options

Clarks Desert Boots

Crafted in Italy from luxurious suede, Clarks Desert Boots are some of the best boots for men on the market today. Their lightweight design allows the wearer to remain on their feet for long periods of time and the shock absorbing sole makes each step smoother than the last. Over the years, these boots have been worn by Jimmy Cooper, Steve McQueen, and Liam Gallagher, so the wearer will be joining some pretty illustrious company. These boots are available in a wide range of colors, such as brown, black, olive, purple grape, and oak, so there bound to be an option to suit just about everyone. Clarks Desert Boots are usually available for between $150 and $200, depending on the size and color.


  • Lightweight design with shock absorbing soles
  • Made famous by style icons such as Steve McQueen
  • Available in a wide range of colors


A great pair of boots can truly become a man’s best friend. By delivering stylish good looks and oodles of comfort, a man’s boots can help him to feel more confident about himself and keep his feet healthy at the same time. The Timberland PRO Work Boots, Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Boots, and Clarks Desert Boots can provide these benefits to just about any man.