Are you on the market for a new chainsaw? Choosing the right chainsaw for your needs requires understanding the power of each model and their specific uses. There are hundreds of chainsaws on the market and they aren’t all made equally. We’ve reviewed many of the latest models to bring you our top five, produced by leading manufacturers such as Husqvarna and Remington. These industry-leading chainsaws are great for all kinds of projects ranging from sheering thick branches to cutting firewood. Whether you’re shopping for your home or small business, read on to learn about some of your top-rated chainsaw options.

Top 6 Chainsaw Models

  • Husqvarna 450
  • Remington Rodeo
  • Black & Decker Alligator Lopper
  • WORX WG303.1
  • Oregon CS250-S6
  • Makita-UC4051A

Husqvarna 450

This great chainsaw has been applauded for its heavy power, its incredible balance, and its ability to cut wood of up to 24-inches in diameter. This makes it a great choice for really heavy-duty projects, such as limbing, bucking trees, cutting firewood, and even felling some trees. It is a little too heavy for light pruning, though, so you should buy another saw if you’re considering that. It is also a little more expensive than other modes on the list, but it is balanced out by its raw power.


  • Very powerful
  • Wide cutting path
  • Easy starting grip

Remington Rodeo

Here is another saw that is great for projects such as bucking, cutting firewood, and felling trees. However, this saw is also great for cleaning up debris after a heavy storm, especially large trees that have fallen near your neighbor’s property. Working together, the two of you could easily remove just about any tree. One drawback of this saw is that it’s a bit too heavy for casual use. Many casual cutters are going to struggle to handle this one. However, that is balanced by a 24-inch cutting path that lets you cut some very large trees.


  • 24-inch cutting radius
  • Useful after storms
  • Heavy but powerful

Black & Decker Alligator Lopper

Black & Decker have made a lot of high-quality items and this one is no different. It is designed for thick branches and logs and limbs that are too large for manual lopping. It also comes with a clamping jaw that makes it easy to grab branches and small trees and cut them down without a problem. While not appropriate for heavy-duty cutting, it still offers a great amount of power.

As this is an electric saw, you’re likely to notice that it will lack a little power when compared to others like it. However, it typically ends up being less expensive than a gas-powered saw, as you can always recharge the battery rather than refill the gas tank.


  • Easy recharge battery
  • Grabbing claw
  • Multiple use design

WORX WG303.1

While this model sounds more like a radio station than a chainsaw, it’s still one of the best produced in 2016. While electric, it actually has a 14.5 amp engine. This is very similar to that in a gas-powered saw, making it the most powerful electric on the market. It comes with a 16-inch bar that allows you to perform a variety of cutting projects. Best of all are the various safety features, including a safety chain stop. These items help protect you from injuring yourself and makes this one of the safest saws on the market.


  • Safety features
  • High powered engine
  • Heavy-duty bar

Oregon CS250-S6

Praised for its excellent construction, the Oregon is designed for mostly light to medium-duty projects. It isn’t for those heavy moments when you need to cut down entire trees. That said, it does have a 12-inch cutting diameter that makes it perfect for cutting limbs and trimming. One major benefit of this saw is the self-sharpening system. This means you don’t have to take out the file and work down every saw tooth. This helps save you a lot of time and eliminates that tedious job from your Sunday cutting.


  • Self-sharpening system
  • 12-inch cutting diameter
  • Easy-charge electric motor


Makita is well-known for their quality saws and this model lives up to the hype. It is a longitudinal electric chainsaw that features updated oil pumps and a tool-less chain adjuster that makes using it easier than ever. A 15-amp motor makes it one of the most powerful on this list while its 16-inch bar makes it useful for multiple cutting projects. One major drawback with this saw is its reliance on being plugged in at all times. This may turn many people away from it, but its low purchase price makes it more than worth that inconvenience.


  • 15-amp motor
  • Tool-less chain adjustment
  • Longitudinal shape

Which Is Right For You?

Choosing the best chainsaw for your needs requires gauging its use. Are you going to be using it to fell trees or simply to trim a few limbs? Make sure to take that into account when buying in order to get the saw that is right for you.