No matter your walk of life or your annual income, chances are good that you are concerned about identity theft. Cyber crooks from all over the world search the Internet 24 hours a day looking for financial benefit. They use another person’s name, social security number, or credit card information to commit fraud and perform other criminal activities. Everyone is at risk, even if they seldom use the Internet. Once identity thieves get your information, they can take funds from your checking or savings account, use your credit cards, open new accounts in your name, or use your health insurance to get medical coverage, or submit a tax return under your name! If this happens to you, it’s likely that you will be responsible for the actions of the criminal and the consequences can be disastrous. Take charge now to avoid the scourge of identity theft.

Top 4 ID Fraud Protection Services:

  • Identity Guard
  • AARP
  • Privacy Guard
  • CSID

Identity Guard

Identity Guard is a fraud monitoring service that provides comprehensive protection against identity theft. Identity Guard delivers 3 bureau credit scores and a public record report each quarter. They also offer ZoneAlarm Internet security suite; anti-key logging software; ID Vault software and daily monitoring of your credit report at all three bureaus. A child monitoring service (kID Sure Child Monitoring) is also provided.


  • Internet security software
  • Identity theft insurance lost wallet protection
  • kID Sure Child Monitoring


AARP offers identity theft protection and credit report monitoring for AARP members and family; monthly Equifax credit reports, lost wallet protection, medical identity theft protection, identity theft insurance, and a fraud alert. The identity theft protection monitors address changes, credit scores, and social networks. AARP also provides a Family Plan.


  • Lost wallet protection
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Family medical identity theft protection

Privacy Guard

Privacy Guard keeps an eye on your bank account, credit cards and other personal information. The company helps protect you with daily credit monitoring. If there are unauthorized changes in your files the service will dispatch alerts by text, email or telephone. Privacy Guard also provides Norton Internet Security Software for your computer.


  • Credit Reports access to credit scores
  • Identity fraud support alerts
  • Norton Internet Security Software


CSID is a fraud monitoring and identity theft prevention service that monitors credit reports, credit cards, public records, SSN, bank accounts, driver’s license, passports, medical IDs, address change, court records, emails, and telephone numbers. The service also supplies ID theft insurance and credit reports. Excellent credit protection includes credit updates as well as monitoring of social security information and financial accounts.


  • Monitors credit reports
  • Get updates on your credit
  • ID theft insurance credit updates


Remember, everyone is vulnerable. Some information about you is available even if you seldom use the Internet. Once identity thieves get your information, they can steal money from your bank accounts, use your credit cards, open new accounts, use your health insurance, or even file a tax return in your name, and receive your refund, and you will likely be held responsible for their actions. Take charge now to prevent the potentially disastrous consequences of identity theft.