Pixel, the hot new smartphone from Google, offers the best of the best as you would expect from the creators of the most popular search engine in the world. When it comes to the Google smartphone, the best word to describe it is limitless. With fantastic specifications, unlimited storage and a beautiful high resolution display the Pixel smartphone has it all. If you are tired of the same iPhone or Samsung Galaxy year after year, now may be the time to consider a Pixel smartphone from Google. Read on to learn more about just what the Pixel smartphone has to offer.

Case and Display

The Pixel’s glass and aluminum body features elegant and smooth edges that make it just as beautiful as any other smartphone. It’s also incredibly sturdy yet light enough to be comfortable to carry around. However, the case only comes in two colors: Quite black and Very silver. It’s also available in two different sizes. The smaller model feature’s a 5” display, while the larger model, the XL, features a 5.5” display. The QHD AMOLED display at 534ppi is protected by sturdy 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 technology. Best of all, the Pixel’s display delivers true blacks and 16.77 million colors, making pictures truly come to life.


  • Capable of producing 16.77 million colors
  • 5 inch or 5.5 inch displays available
  • Available in black or silver


When it comes to smartphones, storage is almost always a problem. The operating system usually takes up about a third of your storage, all the preloaded apps take up another third, and your apps take up everything else. Little room you end up having for photos and videos. But with the Pixel smartphone, you no longer need to delete those precious family photos to make room on your phone, or purchase extra storage. No, the Pixel smartphone comes with unlimited storage thanks to Google Photos and Google Drive. So you can store as many videos and photos as you like, without having to come up with new ways to make room for more.


  • Unlimited storage
  • Uses Google Drive and Google Photos
  • Easy to access photos


Of all the features the Pixel smartphone has to offer, the Pixel’s camera is easily it’s most stunning feat. Here Google has managed to come up with the highest rated smartphone camera ever made. The camera is 12 MP which is higher than most cell phones, delivering the crispest images possible. The Pixel’s camera can take high quality photos at any time of day. With stunning clarity, you can take pristine colorful photos in low-light and even bright light thanks to Large 1.55?m pixels and a f/2.0 aperture. Yes, this smartphone camera is actually like a real camera conveniently in your pocket.


  • 12 MP camera
  • Large 1.55 mega pixels
  • 2.0 aperture


Battery life is usually another huge problem with smartphones, but this is not the case with the Pixel. While often smartphones have short battery life, especially with multiple apps running as they often do with location services running, the Pixel has a long battery life and even more impressive rapid charging time. Though the Pixel’s battery only lasts for 7 hours, that’s quite long when you consider the smartphone’s charging time: 15 minutes. Yes, the Pixel can charge in just 15 minutes. On a full charge, the Pixel XL can last up to 23 days on standby, provide 32 hours of talk time and 14 hours of internet use.


  • Battery can last 7 hours on a 15 minute charge
  • 23-day standby time
  • 14 hours of internet use


If you are interested in switching from your existing smartphone to the Pixel, know that it is quite simple. To do so, all you need to do is use the Pixel’s quick switch adapter to connect your iPhone or Android device to the Pixel. You can then sign into your Google account and then easily transfer your content using Google’s services. It’s as easy as that.


  • Use quick switch adapter
  • Sign into Google Account
  • Transfer content


The Pixel is a great alternative to the iPhone or typical Android devices that are basically all the same. Google’s Pixel offers the best and most convenient way to access all of your photos and contents. It also includes the most impressive specifications, especially when it comes to the Pixel’s camera. If you are looking to buy a new cell phone, don’t miss out on or ignore what the Pixel has to offer.