Sandwich boards are a great way to attract attention to your business or service on roads and in public areas. You can even create them to be worn by a person. They can draw the eye to the area around your business, which is a big plus to help you stand out on busy roads or in areas where your building may blend in with other businesses. The key to creating an effective sandwich board is to use a good promotions product and printing services. Keep the following options in mind when considering creating a sandwich board to get the word out about your business. The best options currently include Build A Sign, Signs On The Cheap, and Traffic Safety Warehouse.

Top Places to Buy Sandwich Boards

  • Build A Sign
  • Signs On The Cheap
  • Traffic Safety Warehouse

Build A Sign

Build A Sign is one of the top names in online sign and promotional product creation on the internet. They have top quality products you can customize to help you stand out. They offer discounts and bundle deals to help you save money. They also offer free shipping and send out their products within 24 hours. They have a wide selection of sizes and models to choose from.


  • Free shipping
  • Fast delivery
  • Bundle deals

Signs On The Cheap

If you are looking for a great deal on a sandwich board, then Signs On The Cheap is the place to look. They have a great selection and have some of the lowest prices anywhere. Right now they are offering 45% off of all signs which means big savings. All orders ship within 24 hours once your order has been submitted. You can customize the sign to ensure the look you want. Their standard sandwich boards are great for both indoor and outdoor use and are made from durable materials that will last for years.


  • Big discounts
  • Fast shipping
  • Inexpensive

Traffic Safety Warehouse

If you want to customize your sign separately and just want to buy the sandwich board plain, then you should check out Traffic Safety Warehouse. They have plain plastic sandwich boards for only $35 for the smallest option. You can also choose to have the sign internally ballasted with sand if desired, which is convenient. These signs are no maintenance and feature a quick-change design that makes them easy to use. If you want a basic sign that is going to last for a long time, then give this option may be perfect for your needs.


  • Plain
  • Durable
  • Sand ballasted


Whatever your sandwich board needs, you can get exactly what you need for a great price when you work with any one of these top sandwich board product providers. They have a variety of options whether it be customization or a plain sign you can make your own. They also offer the best deals to be found on the internet, which help you get more for your money.