Everyone wants a bug-free home and that means more likely than not, that at some point an extermination service will need to be contacted. Public enemy number one for this reasoning are those all too common found everywhere, ants. They come in many types, they live in colonies, each colony has different habits and they can be a pain in the posterior to eliminate. There are remedies for this common nuisance, however, found in the previously mentioned extermination services. That leads to finding an experienced and reliable pest control service. A review of the following four pest control services proved to meet the grade. Orkin, Terminex, Clark Pest Control and Arrow Exterminators are options that anyone dealing with an ant or other pest control issues should consider.

4 Industry Leaders in Pest Control

  • Orkin
  • Terminex
  • Clark Pest Control
  • Arrow Exterminators


Their name precedes them as Orkin is one of the most recognized names in pest control. Having a history of more than one hundred years long doesn’t hurt either. Still, it is Orkin’s knowledge and track record that has propelled them to elite status in extermination services.


  • Every Orkin technician receives ongoing training and earns a certification through Orkin’s award-winning certification program.
  • Orkin’s 30-day money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Over 100 years experience in pest control service.


Not unlike their counterpart Orkin, Terminex maintains a name in the pest control industry that rivals any. Experience is something Terminex can boast of too, as they have a history of more than eighty-five years of ridding homes of unwelcomed guests like ants. Terminex takes great pride in their reputation for customer service which has helped them establish themselves as one of the best.


  • Terminex has people on their staff and leading the company who are graduate and PH-D level entomologist in addition to being Entomological Society of America certified members.
  • Easy to use easy to access payment (EasyPay) and service scheduling system.
  • The Terminex Ultimate Protection Guarantee.

Clark Pest Control

Clark Pest Control has seen their share of pests including ants in their sixty-five plus years of business. Family owned since 1950, Clark combines experience with expertise to provide the highest quality pest control service available. They are highly rated for having more GreenPro-certified technicians than anyone.


  • Clark S.M.A.R.T. services (Sustainable Methods and Responsible Treatments) in their efforts to push eco-friendly pro-green activities.
  • A year-round pest-away service.
  • Free same day service inspection.

Arrow Exterminators

The sixth largest extermination service in the United States, this family owned and operated company has been delivering full service pest control services to homes and businesses since 1964. Arrow has a focus on quality of service and that is evidenced by proudly being a Quality Pro Certified pest control company, a distinction bestowed upon them by the National Pest Management Association.M


  • Arrow Exterminators also employ the STEPS system.
  • Bundling options allowing customers to combine services.
  • Free Home Evaluation service.


Taking back the control of your home will be a relief and make the results of that phone call to the exterminator worthwhile. Like all companies in all industries there are no two identical operations. Of those four-pest control services some of their advantages and services will follow, and hopefully a resolution to your pest issues will as well.

There may be some things in life we can afford to cut corners on. Pest control is not one of those things. Having those unwelcomed visitors return and especially after paying to have them removed just isn’t acceptable. Peace of mind and domain over your own home or business can be regained through getting experienced, qualified and professional pest control. Say goodbye to your pest control problem by saying hello to a quality pest control company.