Luxury cars have become more than just a comfortable way of getting from point A to point B, they’ve become a status symbol, as well. Many brands claim to make luxury cars, but not all so-called luxury cars are built with the same sophistication and craftsmanship that only a true luxury car can provide. What are the best luxury car brands in the world - producing vehicles that may cost into six figures and at the highest end can make what we see as luxury cars appear to be quite ordinary? Many of these brands have their own very distinctive style and specialize in particular kinds of cars that appeal to the most discerning car buyers. Deciding between them can be a matter of taste, needs, and brand loyalty, but most would agree that these six brands are, in fact, the best luxury car brands in the world - BMW, Ferrari, Cadillac, Tesla, Porsche and Mercedes. Read more to find out about these top luxury car brands!

Top 6 Luxury Car Brands

  • BMW
  • Ferrari
  • Cadillac
  • Tesla
  • Porsche
  • Mercedes


BMW is commonly considered to be the leading luxury car brand in the world. If you are counting best brand by number of vehicles sold, then BMW wins hands down, cornering the luxury sedan market with the 3 and 4 Series. They also sell SUV crossovers, but are particularly known for elegant convertibles. BMW sells itself as “The ultimate driving machine” and offers a stunning mixture of performance, luxury, and sheer fun, in cars that are often more practical than most sports brands.


  • Fun to drive
  • Most popular luxury car brand
  • High-quality craftsmanship


You can’t talk about luxury cars and not talk about the rearing pony. Ferrari is not one of the leading luxury brands in the US in terms of sales, but if you are looking across the entire world, then things look quite different. To many, a Ferrari is the ultimate, dream sports car, offering the performance of a racecar (they are solidly involved in Formula One and lower level open wheel racing) in a street legal form that is recognizable around the world. They do come in colors other than red, but the classic livery is part of what makes a Ferrari a Ferrari.


  • Distinctive sports car
  • Racing pedigree
  • European style


At the other extreme is Cadillac - and most people do not buy a Cadillac for its performance. Known for size and an amazing ride (and a large turning circle), Cadillac has revamped their line lately to try and attract younger drivers and get rid of their “Grandpa” image. Helping with this is the Escalade SUV. Also known for exceptional durability, old Cadillacs stay on the road for a long time. A very long time.


  • Large and roomy
  • Amazing ride
  • Durable


Although much newer to the automobile market, Tesla has definitely earned a spot on the list of top luxury car brands. The electric car manufacturer’s space age technology - full-electric vehicles with advanced autopilot, for cars that almost drive themselves, is rapidly making it a household name right alongside the old faithfuls in the market. Electric vehicles were not taken nearly as seriously until Tesla came along, with the luxury Model S, opening a lot of minds and wallets to the idea of an all-electric car. Teslas offer sleek styling, tons of luxury features and an elegant appearance that makes them instantly recognisable on the road. 


  • All-electric
  • Advanced autopilot
  • Elegant appearance


When most people read the word “Porsche,” they envision the 911 - which is not quite a luxury vehicle. Luxury Porsches do exist, though - in fact, two-thirds of Porsche’s sales in the US would count as luxuries. The best? The Cayenne crossover, one of the best luxury SUVs on the market, even if “SUV” and “Porsche” seldom seem to go together, but the brand is clearly in transition from “sports car” to “SUV.” Porsche vehicles have a distinctive look, especially in front, with their modern SUVs still having the “pop up” lights of older vehicles.


  • Best luxury suv
  • Distinctive front
  • Brand in transition


Last, but far from least: Mercedes. The very name conjures luxury, but Mercedes also has a strong reputation for safety. Name any major safety development, and you can all but guarantee it showed up first on a Mercedes. The C-class sedan is extremely popular, and the brand is most known for gorgeous luxury sedans marked by the famous emblem on the grill and elegant, sophisticated vehicle designs that stand out among the rest.


  • Reputation for safety
  • Gorgeous luxury sedans
  • Distinctive emblem


Whatever your choice, these six brands all speak of luxury, elegance, and performance - everyhing you could ever possibly need or want in a luxury automobile.