Potty training is a milestone that parents of toddlers look forward to with both fear and hope. It signals the end of an era of constantly changing dirty diapers and hauling heavy diaper bags on every outing. It is also a step further towards the child’s independence, but it is a journey that can be frustrating, messy, and sometimes wearisome. However, with the right potty training products, this process can be easier and (slightly) less messy. The must-haves for easy (and sane) potty training include: a training potty, a set of training underpants, a non-slip step stool, disposable toilet liners, and a stopwatch.

Top Potty Training Tools:

  • Training potty
  • Training underpants
  • Potty Training Stool
  • Disposable toilet liners
  • Stopwatch

Training potty

As little ones begin the process of potty training, the first step is to learn how to use the potty itself. A basic training potty should have a comfortable seat and be easy to clean, but to really make the process easier, look for a training potty with a few extra amenities. This training potty has a compartment for moist wipes and toilet paper; with all that you need within arms’ reach, it’s easy to clean your child while also teaching them the basics of good bathroom hygiene. This potty also has a shield for boys, which also dramatically cuts down on messes. After your child finishes, the potty converts to a stool so that your child can reach the sink to wash his/her hands, a function that is both a space saving and helps to teach the importance of good hygiene.


  • Built-in compartment for moist wipes and toilet paper
  • Converts to a step stool
  • Shield for boys

Training underpants

As toddlers transition away from diapers, they must also learn how to wear underwear. Not only does wearing underwear make using the potty easier, the use of training underpants can also help speed up the potty training process. Because diapers are so effective at wicking away moisture, it is a lot harder for a child in a diaper to feel wet. Training underpants, however, allow a child to feel wet, which is uncomfortable. A child then associated the uncomfortable wetness with having an accident; in order to avoid that feeling, s/he will start to use the potty more frequently. The best training underpants, therefore, still allow a child to feel wet, but have a PEVA lining to make sure that your carpet does not bear the burden of the accident. Gerber training pants, lined with terry cloth and PEVA, are available for both boys and girls.


  • Soft, terry cloth lining
  • PEVA lining to help prevent leaks
  • Easy to pull on and off

Non-slip step stool

Unless your training potty doubles as a step stool, you will need to invest in a non-slip step stool. A step stool serves two purposes. Initially, your child will use a stool to wash his/her hands after using a training potty. As your child transitions from the training potty to a standard bathroom toilet, s/he can use the stool to step up to sit on the toilet. The top potty training stool has secure rubber grips to prevent slips and falls; it also indicates where your child should place his/her feet to avoid stepping too close to the edge.


  • Rubberized, non-slip surface
  • Indicator for foot placement
  • Double duty as a stool for standard size toilet and the sink

Disposable toilet liners

During the early potty training days, parents know that proximity to a restroom can be the difference between success and an accident. However, when you are out running errands, your choice of restroom may not be as squeaky clean as at home. The extra-large, disposable toilet seat covers will help keep your child clean while the non-slip grips keep the cover from sliding.


  • Extra large seat covers the front of toilets
  • Non-slip strips
  • Convenient, disposable


Consistency is the key to successful potty training. A potty training stopwatch is a fun way for your child to use the potty during set intervals. The timer plays music and lights up every 30, 60, or 90 minutes and will automatically reset itself, making sure your child doesn’t miss a potty break.

Adjustable timer intervals

Automatically resets

Plays music and lights up


  • Adjustable timer intervals
  • Automatically resets
  • Plays music and lights up


While potty training is not always easy, using these top-rated products can make your potty training adventure a little easier and more fun for you and your child.