Have you recently been released from the hospital due to surgery or back pain? Seeking out a medical air mattress is a way to find comfort right in your home without the worry of a traditional mattress causing additional pain and discomfort. Reviewing some of the top medical air mattresses allows you to have more control over the position you are laying in each day to ensure you are still capable of being mobile when necessary. Finding a mattress that provides the right pressure or static ability to work on its own is often recommended for those who have recently had surgery and are in need of a recovery bed. Medical mattresses are also beneficial for those who suffer from chronic back pain that cannot be fixed with any form of surgery or procedure. Read on to learn about top-rated options.

Top 4 Medical Air Mattresses

  • Drive Medical Med-Aire Alternating Pressure Mattress Low Air Loss System 14027e
  • MED-AIRE Plus Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss Mattress
  • PM 8080 Hospital Air Mattress System Stage 4
  • True Low Air Loss 9900 Series

Drive Medical Med-Aire Alternating Pressure Mattress Low Air Loss System 14027e

This air mattress provides both static and alternating pressure options for those recovering from ulcers, surgery, and other medical procedures. It includes a special vibration feature that keeps patients from feeling the various vibrations and pressure to ensure comfort. There is also an audible alarm system to provide information regarding the performance of the bed at all times—ideal if you have a caretaker looking after you while you recover. There are 20 bladders set up with this mattress which are easy to replace whenever necessary. Because there are spring-lined air tubes within the mattress itself, it prevents the stop of air flow or kinks in the flow of air that is providing proper pressure and vibration for the patient. The mattress itself also offers a 12 month limited warranty after purchase to ensure you are completely satisfied with the bed.


  • Offers static and alternating pressure
  • Unique vibration features
  • Easily replaced bladders

MED-AIRE Plus Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss Mattress

The MED-AIRE alternating mattress allows patients to take control of the pressure and bed with a digital pump. It is also possible to use the bed in “static” mode, allowing the patient to rest without controlling the pressure and vibration at all times. Additional features of the mattress include seat inflation, microprocessing feedback (perfect for caregivers), along with auto-recovery if the system ceases to provide the necessary pressure you require. The mattress also includes a low air loss mode, ideal for patients who have excessive perspiration or suffer from incontinence after surgery or during the recovery period. A mattress cover is also provided with the bed, which can be cleaned easily or replaced if needed.


  • Digital pump allows for easy bed control
  • Low air-loss mode
  • Includes mattress cover

PM 8080 Hospital Air Mattress System Stage 4

The PM 8080 Hospital Air Mattress includes low air loss technology in addition to alternating pressure therapy—ideal for those who are unable to walk but require movement in order to fully recover from a surgery or injury. Seats have auto firm inflation, giving patients the ability to remain comfortable at all times without having to control the mattress themselves. A simple system is in place to adjust the mattress along with visual and audio indicators to ensure that the mattress is functioning properly whenever it is in use.


  • Visual adjustment indicators
  • Low air-loss technology
  • Auto-inflation seats

True Low Air Loss 9900 Series With Alternating Pressure Therapy

The True Low Air Loss 9900 Series provides alternating pressure therapy which works well with those who are in need of physical rehabilitation or any patient who has recently had surgery and requires recovery time. This mattress only requires plugging it into an electrical source, becoming fully inflated in less than 15 minutes. Although the mattress itself is placed on the floor, it still includes a user-friendly panel to adjust the bed in various positions while providing visual and audio details of the bed itself and whether or not it is working properly for your needs.


  • Alternating pressure therapy
  • Inflates in less than 15 minutes
  • Good for rehab purposes


Reviewing the top medical air mattresses on the market today is an effective way to get the comfort you need regardless of the source of your pain or if you are simply recovering from surgery. With the hundreds of options available to choose from today, it is essential to review all specifications and options that come with each mattress you are interested in to suit your personal needs during your time of recovery.