Investing in ETFs is a lower-risk option for getting involved in the stock market. Traded in similar fashion to individual stocks, ETFs (or exchange-traded funds) are traded on major stock exchanges and may encompass hundreds or even thousands of investments. ETFs are attractive because they require little work compared with other kinds of stock activity. For that reason, though, choosing the best ETF broker is crucial. Here, we’ll review our three favorite ETF brokers, which are USAA, Merill Edge and iShares. Read on to learn more about what to expect when putting your investments in the hands of these companies.


First on our list is USAA. This massive financial company does business with military members, their families and their relatives. Through USAA, clients can invest in either USAA Equity ETFs or USAA Fixed Income ETFs. Symbols for USAA’s Equity ETFs are ULVM, USVM, UIVM and UEVM, while the fixed income ETFs are UITB and USTB. USAA also offers an online ETF screening tool that clients can use to find other ETF investment options from USAA’s brokerage site. USAA doesn’t charge commission for many of its ETFs, and the company offers investment classes through Morningstar. Getting started with ETFs is easy and can be done in minutes through USAA’s website.


  • Great option for military families
  • Equity and Fixed Income options
  • Start your account online

Merill Edge ETFs

Merill Edge is a wealth management and investment company that is a great option for people with established assets and portfolios. The company offers numerous ETF investment opportunities through five different categories—domestic equity, international equity, taxable fixed income, non-taxable fixed income and miscellaneous fixed income. Investors can choose from three ETFs in each category, with the three featured ETFs rotated out on a regular basis. If you plan on maintaining a larger portfolio of investments or if you’ll need additional wealth management services, then you can’t go wrong with Merill Edge.


  • Investment and wealth management services
  • Five ETF categories
  • Great for larger, diverse portfolios

iShares ETFs

Want lower-cost ETFs that don’t require the degree of investment as a company like Merill Edge? If so, then check out the ETF investment opportunities made available by iShares. This online trading company makes ETFs affordable and accessible with the iShares Core ETFs. These broad stock and index bond funds are great long-term investments for people who are new to the stock market. Clients of iShares can speak with financial advisors online while spending just a fraction of the cost on trades and transactions as you’d spend through traditional brokerages.


  • Affordable ETFs
  • Talk to financial advisors online
  • Great for beginners


Investing in ETFs is ideal if you want a lower-risk approach for growing your money over time. No form of stock investing is without risk, but ETFs offer insulation from volatility by spreading investments over so many companies. Start with our top three features ETF brokers to get started.