These days, everyone needs a quality internet service provider. But finding the best internet service provider isn’t the only problem people have to face. You also want to get the best deal. After all, internet service can be quite expensive if you aren’t looking out for the best deals. Numerous providers offer slower internet speeds for the same cost as higher speeds somewhere else. By comparing the best deals and prices, you can get the most for your money. The best internet providers in the country are each offering some of the most attractive deals around. The top 5 deals for internet service come from Verizon FiOS, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner and AT&T. Read on to learn more about the top 5 deals for internet service and compare prices and features too.

Top Internet Service Deals

  • Verizon FiOS
  • Comcast
  • Cox Internet Premier
  • Time Warner Cable Spectrum
  • AT&T U-Verse

Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS is one of the best and most preferred internet service providers in the country. They are offering their incredible service at an exceptional price this holiday season. Currently, they are offering speeds of 150 up to Mbps for $79.99 with a 2-year agreement. The agreement also includes Custom TV and a home phone. Custom TV allows customers to pick their own channels and TV packages. Customers can also get a $150 bonus in the form of a prepaid Visa gift card.


  • Only $79.99 per month with a 2-year contract
  • Get speeds of 150 Mbps
  • Includes custom TV and a home phone


XFINITY from Comcast offers an excellent internet service plan at a terrific price. Customers can get internet service speeds of up to 50 Mbps plus for $59.99 with the Blast! package, which doesn’t come with any other frills such as phone or television service. However, this is a no-contract plan that is good for as long as you want service! The Blast! plan is great for people who’d rather cut the cord with cable and spend their free time online.


  • Speeds of 50 Mbps
  • No contract
  • $59.99 per month

Cox Internet Premier

Cox offers among the best internet speeds and service you could ask for. The Cox Internet Premier service offers speeds of up to 150 Mbps and 10Mbps download speeds. Best of all, Cox internet packages now include all-new Panoramic Wi-Fi.  Cox customers can get all this for $82.99 per month for a full 12 months.


  • 150 Mbps speeds
  • Panoramic Wi-Fi
  • $82.99 per month

Time Warner Cable Spectrum

Time Warner Cable’s Spectrum internet service is one heck of a deal. It offers 100 Mbps internet speeds along with unlimited calling in the US. Time Warner also provides customers with over 125 cable channels. But with Time Warner’s Spectrum, the price truly is the best part. Customers can get this whole package for $29.99 per month for the first 12 months. Best of all, there are no contracts required.


  • 100 Mbps speeds
  • Over 125 channels
  • $29.99 per month

AT&T U-verse

AT&T offers a number of deals on internet service. AT&T is offering U-verse High Speed internet plus phone service for just $50 per month for speeds of 24 Mbps for a year, which is good for those with less reliance on the internet. This unique package offers reliable internet service at consistent speeds compared to most other providers. It also includes a $50 rewards card when ordered online. Internet servce includes 300GB of data plus an additional $10 for every 150 GB used.


  • 24 Mbps speeds
  • Free $50 rewards card
  • Includes digital voice


Online you can find a number of excellent internet service deals. Many include cable and/or voice giving you the most for your money. The best part is that you can have your home connected for less than $100 per month for something pretty essential these days.