Need to move out of state? You are going to want a good quality moving company that will move your stuff across state lines. With a reputable long distance moving company, you can get the service you and your home furnishings and valuables deserve. Offering guaranteed quality service without incident, the top long distance moving companies will move your stuff quickly and securely so you can have the most stress-free moving experience possible. The top long distance moving companies include Mayflower, American Van Lines and UPack. Offering a variety of moving services, these are the moving companies you can trust. With the top 3 long distance moving companies, you can move across the country and settle in your new home in no time. If you are currently planning a move, but are looking for the perfect long distance moving company read on to find out more.

Top Long Distance Moving Companies

  • Mayflower
  • American Van Lines
  • UPack


Mayflower is one of the most trusted names in long distance moving. Since they began business in 1927, Mayflower has moved thousands of families like yours across the country and internationally. With over 300 agents from all over, they can help you too. The company offers full-service moving, which basically means they can move everything but the kitchen sink. They’ll both pack and unpack your belongings, store your belongings if need be and provide a number of convenience services such as cleaning. They’ll even transport your vehicles to any destination you like. With moving protection services, you can be rest-assured they’ll handle all of your stuff with quality care, offering full value back on all your damaged goods. It should also be noted that there are tons of moving service packages available that can help you save on additional services and options.


  • In business since 1927
  • Offers full-service moving, as well as vehicle transport and more
  • Full-value replacement for damaged or lost items

American Van Lines

American Van Lines also offers long distance moving services. Aiming to provide the best delivery and care, American Van Lines is a huge company with extensive resources to guide you on your move. With a large fleet of trucks available, you can be sure that you will get your stuff without delay. The company also offers packing from certified packing experts that guarantee all your belongings will be safe no matter how fragile. They’ll even take inventory on your stuff to ensure that everything is accounted for. Moving on the weekend – worry not. American Van Lines delivers seven days a week.  With American Van Lines, reliability is key.


  • Large fleet of trucks available for timely moves
  • Packing services provided by certified packing experts
  • Delivers seven days per week


For those looking for a more cost-effective solution, UPack is an excellent long distance moving company. With UPack, you pack all of your belongings, so you don’t have to pay the packing fees or trust your belongings in another’s hands. The UPack solution allows you to load up a trailer with as much stuff as you need and you only pay for the amount of space that you use. Should you need more space, don’t worry, because more space is always available. Online you can estimate the amount of space you might use and get a reasonable quote. After you pack, UPack will move your stuff anywhere in the country within two to five days, after which time you can unpack yourself. It will easily save you loads of time and money.


  • Most cost-effective long-distance move option
  • You pack and load everything, which can lead to big savings
  • Only pay for the amount of space you use on the truck


Regardless of which long-distance moving company you choose, you’re sure to enjoy timely service, budget-friendly rates and first-class service. Always be sure to ask about current promotions, discounts and sales before booking your long-distance move!