If you are shopping for a tablet, you could break the bank and get a convertible laptop with a supercar-fast processor and enough memory to store your entire life in one place. However, if all you want is a decently sized device ready to stream all your videos, write an email or two, and play some games while on the road, you might want to check out a bargain-priced tablet. These compact computers are designed to access all your favorite streaming sites without requiring a huge investment. Some of the most popular discount tablets include the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, the Lenovo Tab 4. the Amazon Fire HD, and surprisingly the 2017 iPad. What makes these an awesome best buy? Read on to learn more.

Top 4 Discount 2019 Discounted Tablets

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  • Lenovo Tab 4
  • Amazon Fire HD
  • iPad

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

If you absolutely love your Samsung phone, the Galaxy Tab S2 is a seamless option. Priced at a nice $219, you can take advantage of any Android app on the market without investing in a more expensive laptop. It boasts a glorious 2048X1536 resolution 8-inch screen, making it awesome for streaming videos, playing games, or producing a presentation for work. Its 10-hour battery life cuts the cord for an entire day on the move without bulking out your backpack. Since you have a Samsung phone, you will be familiar with the interface and settings.


  • Priced at $219 at Walmart
  • 10-hour battery life
  • High-resolution screen

Lenovo Tab 4

For those looking for a more affordable option that doesn’t automatically tie you in with the latest smartphone, the Lenovo Tab 4 knocks down the entry price to just $129 on Amazon. It comes loaded with an Android operating system, so it will work with most available apps. While it doesn’t have the fastest processor or a crazy amount of memory, it serves as a great executive working companion without tying you into a streaming or gaming service. Designed to surprise, at this price it just might be worth taking a chance and leaving the more familiar tablet brands behind.


  • $129 on Amazon
  • Android OS without the pricey phone contract
  • More versatility compared to streaming tablets

Amazon Fire HD

If you are on the hunt for a tablet with some email capability, but mostly want to catch up on your favorite shows during your daily commute, you can’t beat the Amazon Fire HD that can be purchased for a super-low price of just $79 at Adorama. Should you be an Amazon Prime member, it is a simple touch and swipe to start streaming your favorite shows. Of course, all your Kindle books will be synced on this tablet as well. There are enough games to keep the casual player entertained and some basic document sharing apps to stay in touch at the office. If you have a must-have app, check for compatibility before you buy.


  • $79 at Adorama
  • Perfect for Prime members
  • Just right for streaming and reading

Last Year’s iPad

Maybe you love Apple products, but generally consider them out of your price range, then take a look at last year’s iPad. With the 2018 version grabbing all the attention, you can pick up a 2017 model for just $299 at Amazon. It still features the 10-hour battery, provides access to the iTunes store and the endless selection of apps, and includes that intuitive interface that you have come to love. You will find a high-resolution screen, decent camera, and access to your iCloud for easy overflow of pics, documents, and presentations. You will want to grab yours while you can, as they will sell out soon!


  • New generation lowers this price below $300 at Amazon
  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • Vast array of apps


Remember, when shopping for your next tablet, consider what you want it to be able to do and carefully consider some of the more price-friendly options. They may just surprise you with their ability and user-friendly interfaces.