Pavement ants are serious concerns for many home or business owners, proving to be a significant pest concern and a downright nuisance in most cases. Like any other pest, you don’t have to sit around and deal with the problem. While you could try to handle it yourself, it can be difficult to do so without some expert help, the right tools and supplies. Ultimately it could end up costing you more and you may not see significant results. With a hired exterminator, you will often be guaranteed results or your money back. And best of all a hired exterminator will respond quickly with all the tools and expertise they have at their disposal. If you are having a problem with pavement ants hiring one of the top 3 exterminators may help. Read on to learn more about pavement ants and what the top 3 pavement ant exterminators can do for you.

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are exceedingly small (about an 1/8 inch) and brown-black in color. Their abdomens are usually all black and their limbs and antenna are usually paler in color compared to the rest of their body. Their colonies can become tremendously large and grow over time. They usually populate in the highest numbers in the summer months of June and July. Pavement ants usually eat sweet fruits, honeydew, greasy/oily foods and insects. They are found all over the country from east coast to west coast.


  • Small, brown-black ants
  • Large colonies in summer months
  • Eat sweet and greasy foods


Pavement ants are often found in the cracks of pavements, under rocks and around buildings where ants can keep cool. Pavement ants often travel in trails at night where they may move in small motions. Trails may be found on pipes and electrical wires. Ants can be treated with a combination of spray and bait placed near the trail or colony so that the colony is poisoned.


  • Found in cool dark places
  • Travel in trails
  • Usually found at night


Orkin exterminators can easily rid your home or business of pavement ants in no time. With more than 100 years of experience in the business, Orkin exterminators are well-trained and knowledgeable about pavement ants. Orkin exterminators will inspect our home and come up with a treatment plan right for you. Their services will not only kill existing ants but prevent future invasions later on. Orkin exterminators can give you a free estimate by calling or requesting online.


  • 100 years of experience
  • Get a free estimate
  • Will prevent future infestation


Terminix is a trusted brand that offers quality pest control including pavement ants. Terminix prides itself in being a company you can trust, offering a 100% guarantee on their services. They have been battling a variety of pests for over 85 years. Terminix provides an initial treatment of your home and additional treatments every other month for as long as you keep your plan.

  • 100% guarantee on service
  • Over 85 years of experience
  • Treatments every other month

Pest Bomb

Pest Bomb offer quick guaranteed service that’s perfect for pavement ants. They will respond in 24 hours or less, providing you with immediate service upon request. Their services are guaranteed and they will provide a home evaluation for absolutely free. Pest Bomb exterminators are available from all over the country.


  • Available all over the country
  • Service is guaranteed
  • 24 hour response time


Pavement ants are one of the biggest nuisances facing any home. Easily making a bad day worse, pavement ants require quick action and fast results. By hiring one of the top 3 pavement ant exterminators, you can rid your problem effectively once and for all.