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Top 5 Large Luxury Sedans of 2016

The American dream, as well as the automotive industry, was built on the idea of big powerful cars that are also comfortable and fun to drive. With higher gas prices, people flocked to smaller cars, and even to electric cars. While smaller cars are a great choice for some people,… Continue Reading

Top 4 Prepaid Unlimited Data Plans

Tired of being locked into contracts or want more control over your monthly cell phone bill? Reduce stress with a prepaid plan, which allows you to avoid early-termination fees and contracts and helps you take control of your monthly spending. Many prepaid cell phone plans put limits on your data… Continue Reading

Ordering Contacts Without a Prescription

Need a refill on your contact lenses, but you don’t have a recent prescription? Although companies in the United States can’t sell contacts without prescriptions, many others outside the country can sell contacts without needing the actual document. That means if you know your prescription, reasonably priced lenses are available.… Continue Reading