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Top 5 Telemedicine Companies

The mobile health industry is growing rapidly. It should become a $86.6 billion-dollar industry by 2020. Many doctors have video conferences with patients as way to treat and diagnose conditions. This allows medical care from the comfort of a patient’s home. There are many innovative companies that are designing innovative… Continue Reading

Top 4 Cell Phone Companies

The cell phone industry has undergone a revolution in recent years offering new plans, improved phones and advanced special features. With the various companies, how does one choose the best carriers? Here are the features to look for when choosing a cell phone company: performance, plans, customer support, phone selection… Continue Reading

Top 3 Web Development Companies

With mobile devices accounting for a large part of the way people utilize the web, integrated site and web development are more crucial than ever. These top three web development companies can assist your company with creating a vibrant site that is fully responsive and presents your content in an… Continue Reading