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Home Loan Debt Forgiveness

Home loan debt forgiveness occurs when lenders cancel debt. While this is a rare occurrence, it has happened more frequently since the 2008 recession. The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act offered homeowners in trouble after property values plummeted and many homes ended up in foreclosure. While this provided some relief,… Continue Reading

Top 5 Companies for Ordering Overnight Checks

There are times in life when an overnight check must be sent. Here we’ll highlight the top 5 companies for ordering checks that can reach you within 24 hours. We’ve evaluated several companies and found our favorite to be Chase Bank, Genoa Bank, City National Online Bank, Columbia Bank and… Continue Reading

Top 3 Technology Education Degree Programs

Want a degree in technology education? Technology education programs can provide you with technological literacy as a educational tool.  With technology education programs, students can apply technology to an educational environment to improve learning. Master’s technology education programs can prepare students to teach in both public and private schools… Continue Reading