Asthma is a serious health problem for millions and can be life-threatening if not managed properly. Fortunately, there are treatments that allow individuals who have asthma to lead normal lives and participate in a wide range of activities. The top three asthma treatments that prove to be the most effective for a variety of cases include the asthma pill, neubulizers, and rescue inhalers. If used properly under the supervision of a skilled physician, these options can help prevent and manage future attacks. When asthma is properly managed, there is less risk for emergency room visits due to severe asthma attacks which can even prove fatal in some cases. Read on to discover what the benefits of these treatments are and who they can help. 

Best Asthma Treatments

  • Asthma pill
  • Nebulizer
  • Rescue Inhaler

Asthma pill

The asthma pill is the latest and possibly the most advanced asthma treatment on the market. This pill is designed for long term asthma management and is not intended to treat individual attacks, but rather prevent them over the course of time. It is important to take this medication exactly as directed and not alter the dosage without consulting your physician. Patients can expect to have fewer attacks and better quality breathing over time. The asthma pill does have multiple interaction warnings and may not be suitable for people who have certain health problems. Always follow doctors’ instructions when taking this type of medication.


  • Controls asthma over time
  • Effective for better quality breathing
  • Improves quality of life


The nebulizer is designed to vaporize liquid asthma treatments and make it possible to breathe them in directly from the assistance of a mask with forced air. This treatment can help alleviate bronchial distress throughout the day, but doesn’t take the place of a rescue inhaler. The nebulizer is covered by most insurance and the medication used in the nebulizer tends to be more affordable than other treatments. A nebulizer is a good method to control asthma over the long term on a daily or twice daily basis.


  • Inexpensive
  • Effective
  • Safe

Rescue Inhaler

The rescue inhaler is the asthma sufferer’s best friend. It is intended to stop an asthma attack that is already in progress. It is a small can that is in a dispenser with a mouthpiece attached. The can is depressed into the dispenser and a mist of medication is breathed into the lungs through the mouth. This treatment allows the lungs to relax and prevent the air flow from being restricted. This treatment is moderately priced and can be a life saver for anyone who suffers from asthma.


  • Fast-acting
  • Portable
  • Stops asthma attacks


Asthma is a dangerous condition that can effect a person’s daily life. If controlled with one, or all, of these top three asthma treatments, people who suffer can see an improved quality of life. It is important to know that there are risks associated with using these treatments, especially the asthma pill. Your doctor can tell you if these treatments are right for your needs and give you instructions on how to proceed with the treatment. Never adjust your asthma treatment without discussing it with your physician. Children may not be able to use some of these treatments and should see a specialist to determine which medications can be taken safely at their age.