Does your small business need a loan? Small business owners face challenges that do not exist for larger conglomerates, and today’s successful entrepreneur knows that sourcing capital at an affordable rate is an important tool to have. Peer-to-peer lending options are growing in popularity with small businesses that require a lot of flexibility and a quick funding turn-around timeline. The top three lenders for small business owners are Lending Club, Wells Fargo, and Capital One. Each of these lenders offers easy application guidelines, competitive loan terms and a wide range of loan amounts. Read on and learn more about today’s top three business loan providers and some of their greatest client benefits.

Top 3 Small Business Loan Providers

  • Lending Club
  • Wells Fargo
  • Capital One

Lending Club

Started in 2014, this leader in the peer-to-peer lending industry continues to refine and expand its offerings. Clients must have been in business for at least two years with $75,000 in annual revenue. This option is worth exploring if you have a strong credit profile as their APRs are some of the lowest available. Repayment periods can range from one to five years, with some flexibility.


  • Very competitive APRs for clients with strong credit profiles
  • Flexible repayment periods from one to five years
  • Very clear and upfront lending requirements that help to avoid wasted time applying for a loan for which your business does not qualify

Wells Fargo

Surprisingly for such a large financial institution, Wells Fargo offers an expansive array of options for small business owners. The small business loans that they offer are flexible and affordable depending on your company’s longevity, financial profile, and cash flow history. Wells Fargo will likely surprise many small businesses that are seeking affordable capital and are definitely worth checking out.


  • Wells Fargo offers a comprehensive range of financial products suitable to small businesses, including five types of loans tailored to meet the needs of small businesses
  • Solid and established institution that provides comprehensive customer service and complementary services for your small business
  • Comprehensive and a low-cost array of products that will meet all of your financing needs. WF offers four different types of cost-effective checking accounts for one-stop shopping

Capital One

Capital One has fine-tuned their small business lending options to fully meet the unique requirements of small business owners. This financial institution believes in relationship banking and the more services that they provide to your small business, the better your rates will be. Capital One also provides banking services that allow unlimited monthly transactions and as many cash deposits as necessary.


  • Capital One is a full-service resource for all of small business owners’ needs, including loans
  • Their relationship based banking means more cost savings when they provide more than one small business service
  • Flexible loan and repayment options


Small businesses now have more lending and capital options than ever before. These top three small business loan providers offer flexible capital at good rates, with the added bonus of understanding the unique requirements of the small business owner.