The mobile health industry is growing rapidly. It should become a $86.6 billion-dollar industry by 2020. Many doctors have video conferences with patients as way to treat and diagnose conditions. This allows medical care from the comfort of a patient’s home. There are many innovative companies that are designing innovative technology to advance this skyrocketing business. Many companies have designed innovative apps that are being used in this industry. Telemedicine is changing the way patients and doctors access the healthcare industry. The top telemedicine companies are America Well, Doctor on Demand, First Opinion, Pager, Plushcare

Top 5 Telemedicine Companies

  • America Well
  • Doctor on Demand
  • First Opinion
  • Pager
  • Plushcare

American Well

This company offers software to doctors, clinics, hospitals, and health providers to set up a telemedicine service. Their mobile and web services connect doctors and patients with live video meeting when needed. They handle all record keeping and administration of the program so health care providers can do their job effectively. American Well gives patients control and access over their health records and let them choose their physician with a rating system. The company is working to have remote medical visits combined with remote examinations. Medical examinations can be conducted on heart, lungs, ears, throat, skin at home using their TytoCare software.


  • Offers video or virtual doctor’s visits, exams
  • Able to prescribe lab tests and some prescription drugs
  • Covered by some health insurances

Doctor on Demand

This company provides patients with doctors and psychologist from all over the United States with video visits on their tablets and smartphones any time of day. They screen every physician in their network and many are covered by many insurance plans. Patients can choose their own physician in the location they are living in. They have set fees for services This business was started by TV personality Dr. Phil and his son. Their target audience is young women primarily. Many insurances companies that participates in the program. This is another way to bring consumers and doctors together.


  • Provides doctor visits via tablet or smartphone to consumers all over the United States
  • Screen doctors before letting them join to ensure qualifications and certification
  • Cover the flu, skin problems, eye injuries, sports injuries and mental health issues

First Opinion

This service allows patients to ask a doctor through texting questions about health to find out if they need to make an office visit. It is available on Apple devices and online. Users must create an account and are matched with a doctor. You can ask them questions any time about health issues and as many questions as you want. You keep the same doctor so you don’t have to start over with a new one. It is free and saves patients money from visiting the doctor for no reason. If you need a doctor, they will bring in one for a fee to help treat you. Some costs are covered by insurance buy doctor visits are not at this time.


  • Text messaging service that matches a patient with a doctor to answer questions
  • Can be used via Apple device or online
  • Doctor’s appointments when necessary for small fees lab tests


This is an online service the provides patients with access via phone to nurses that answer questions. When needed, a doctor will call and visit the patient at home or the office They order tests, write prescriptions to your pharmacy, and have medications delivered to the patient’s home. Pager has board certified doctors that treat all family members for all kinds of illness. They have a free app to download that provides free access to patient chats with nurse. It brings back the old-fashioned house call of years ago.


  • Provides a free app for nurse consultations
  • Set up doctor visits at home or office
  • lab tests and provide some prescription


PlushCare is an online service the provides patients with doctor appointments over the phone. Patients set up an online profile and may then make an appointment with a doctor. The patient is only charged when the doctor helps them. Some doctors are covered by health insurance and this service is available in some states. They can request lab work and fill some prescriptions.


  • Primarily non-emergency medical situations like pink eye, colds and sinus infections
  • Set up appointment, make diagnose and run labs
  • Covered by some health insurances


There are many quality telemedicine services in the United State. To find out more about individual companies contact the Better Business Bureau and read patients comments on social media like Facebook, Google and other reliable websites. These services provide patients with convenient medical services. Most telemedicine service only provide treatment for common illnesses and do not replace having a primary care physician.