Tablets have been popular for less than a decade, but have already become a staple in the everyday lives of millions of people. Although their technological roots go back several decades, it was Apple’s iPad that propelled tablets to popularity and into the homes of so many people around the world. Since developing the first iPad in 2010, Apple has continued to be a leader in tablet technology. The Apple Air was an innovative approach at tablet technology that aimed to create tablets that were lightweight and portable, without losing any functionality. The Apple iPad Air 2 represents the latest in their innovative technology. This article will take a look at the most compelling features of the Apple Air 2.

Apple iPad 2: Top Features

  • High-Definition Display
  • Advanced Features
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Compare the Competition

High-Definition Display

The display on the Air 2 is nothing short of spectacular. The first thing that stands out is its width: barely six millimeters. The 9.7 inch display boasts a resolution of 2048x1536 and comprises 3.1 million pixels. Several advances in technology combine to make the display screen the envy of any other tablet on the market today. To further condense the size of the tablet, Apple fused the three layers on their display screen to one, which improves the contrast and helps the colors stand out as more vivid. This redesigned screen also improves screen touch sensitivity, so the tablet will respond to your movements more effectively than ever before – great when playing touch-sensitive games! To top it off, an antireflective coating was added, making this one of the least reflective display screens anywhere, so you can comfortably use your iPad in almost any light.


  • Ultra-thin
  • Incredible resolution
  • Minimal screen reflection

Advanced Features

Awesome features are expected whenever an Apple product is concerned, and the Air 2 does not disappoint. The processing and graphics powers of the Air 2 greatly surpass the previous model. Advanced security features enable the tablet to unlock at the touch of your finger, based on a reading of your fingerprint. This fingerprint security measure can be used for more than simply unlocking the tablet. Use it to make secure purchases on iTunes and the Apple Store, or for Apple Pay. Another advanced feature is the two built-in cameras. The primary camera has an 8MP sensor and is capable of recording video in gorgeous 1080p and 3264x2448 native resolution. The secondary FaceTime HD camera has also been redesigned for higher resolution, even in low light settings. Finally, the WiFi has been improved to operate up to twice as quickly as earlier models, producing a better connection to the internet and superior download speeds.


  • Faster processor and better graphics
  • Advanced fingerprint security
  • Dual High-Resolution Cameras

Intuitive User Interface

Apple has long been known for having a comfortable user interface, and the Air 2 does not disappoint here either. The Air 2 continues Apple’s tradition of stylish, easy-to-use UIs. The Air 2 is loaded with useful apps designed specifically for the tablet by Apple’s designers, including web browsers, image and video editing, an eBook reader and much more. As always, hundreds of thousands of apps await on the Apple Store, many of which are free to use. The Air 2 is also outfitted with the iOS 10, the most advanced mobile operating system in the world, allowing users to carry out multiple functions simultaneously while offering the security Apple is known for.


  • Easy to use
  • Preloaded with essential apps
  • Utilizes iOS 10

Compare the Competition

Apple is not without its competition. Sony Xperia Tablet Z4 is a very capable tablet, just as lightweight as the Air 2, whose main selling point is that it is waterproof. Unlike the iPad air, Sony provides exact specifications on its processing power and memory. The Samsung Galaxy X2 is a great value for anyone looking for a smaller tablet, but it suffers from poor battery life. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is larger and heavier than Apple Air (and more expensive) but its memory is unparalleled by any other tablet on the market.


  • Sony Xperia Tablet Z4
  • Samsung Galaxy X2
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4


There are a lot of options available for tablets, but the Apple iPad Air 2 still dominates the tablet market, and for good reason. However, staying informed of other options helps to make a smarter buying decision when choosing the tablet that’s right for your needs and budget.