Online master programs are offered by the best universities and business schools. The programs include a variety of subjects in business, engineering, education and healthcare. After finishing a Bachelor’s degree, professionals consider earning a Master’s degree. The purpose is to move their career into higher levels of management. One of the most popular Master’s degrees is the Master of Business Administration (MBA). The MBA generally concentrates on improving management competencies. The curriculums are focused on business skills and employee relations. Returning students need to think about the reasons for pursuing a master’s degree, and that includes choosing the right program. Here we’ll review five of the top master’s programs available online. Read on to learn more about these top-rated options.

Top 5 Online Masters Degree Programs

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Theology
  • Psychology
  • Information Technology

Purdue University

Purdue University offers nine online master’s degree programs. The majority of the programs are focused on engineering disciplines. Students can select fields of aeronautics, electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering. Computer engineering and computer science are also available fields of study. For some students there’s an option to earn a dual degree bridging two areas of study. For example, students with a master in finance may return to earn a MBA. The reason is to strengthen their business abilities. The effort allows the student to gain a stronger understanding of these two subjects.


  • Programs have flexible start dates
  • Dual degrees can expand career paths
  • Masters are linked to profession or specific research areas

Georgetown University

Georgetown University is noted for its online Master of Science in Finance program. The curriculum is designed with a global perspective. The focus is on working with multiple cultures and monetary values. In order to do business financially, global markets are going to need financial experts. The experts will become influential leaders within their own countries and abroad. The program consists of six core courses.


  • Subject include financial markets, corporate finance and economics
  • Student learn advanced corporate valuation and modeling
  • Financial leadership skills are improved

Christian Leadership University

The Master’s program in Theology at Christian Leadership University is designed for current ministers. The program prepares students to enter a career of service. The purpose is gain a deeper understanding in our relationships with God. Many students will work with a variety of communities, while taking these courses. It’s an opportunity to share beliefs and faith based on the bible’s teachings.


  • Real world experience locally and internationally
  • Multi- culture career paths
  • Working with diversity among communities

Capella University

Capella University offers 14 areas of specialization for students pursuing masters of psychology. Most students choosing this field of study go on to earn a doctorate degree. There are psychology requirements to pass a state licensing exam. Career choices for students include criminal justice, business and health care. In some cases, students earning a master in psychology become consultants within an organization. Some take career paths leading into positions of engineering psychologists and education specialists. Others pursue careers in social services or working in research.


  • Students analyze and study human relationships
  • Assessments of situations and clients
  • Improved interpersonal and communication skills

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins University offers eight areas of master studies. There are three online graduate programs in information technology and computer science. In today’s world fueled by technology, students learn how to secure information systems. And of course the latest updates apply to cyber security programs. The courses provide students with options of area for specializing. Those areas include network security, software system security, or security analysis. There’s a wide range of specialties to develop industry expertise. Expertise concentration of study include data systems and networking, cloud computing, software engineering. Additional areas of expertise are human-computer interaction and bio-informatics.


  • Highly specialized skills for the job market
  • Design solutions to global IT problems
  • Explore the next generation of information systems theory


The top master’s degrees across all fields of study are divisions of science and arts. Professionals earning master’s degree tend work in professions like nursing, engineering, and education. Students returning to school have a desire to improve skills. They are also looking to learn about new technologies and methods in their fields. Like it or not, the degree is a measurement in a competitive field.