Enterprise resource planning (or ERP) software can help businesses more efficiently manage resources across the entire organization. By using a system of integrated applications, companies are able to easily manage the business, as well as automate many back office tasks related to human resources, services and technology. There are currently dozens of ERP software options to choose from, but the top three are currently Oracle NetSuite OneWorld, Acumantica and Syspro. If you’re ready to get started with top-rated ERP software, keep reading to learn more about the top three, so you can choose the one that’s right for your business needs.

Top 3 ERP Software Options

  • Oracle NetSuite OneWorld
  • Acumantica
  • Syspro

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld offers an easy-to-navigate dashboard, straightforward reporting, custom process workflows, broad ERP features that can be applicable to many different types of businesses, CRM capabilities and more. Although Oracle NetSuite OneWorld is in some ways more complex than some other systems, it can easily be integrated into a variety of different businesses seamlessly, and is surprisingly easy to use. This software can be used as a comprehensive financial application or scaled up to act as a full enterprise resource planning suite, depending on your business’s needs. Oracle NetSuite OneWorld was one of the very first ERP software systems that was created specifically for the cloud. Pricing starts at $999 per month plus $99 per user per month.


  • Easy-to-navigate dashboard
  • Fully customizable for your business needs
  • Cloud-based system allows for access from almost anywhere


Acumantica offers a browser-based application that is easy to navigate and is simple to use even on mobile devices. User-friendly navigation, detailed reporting and customization make this a great option for companies that prefer a more straightforward pricing system. Unlike many other ERP software suites, Acumantica pricing is not user-based, making this the best option for growing companies. However, Acumantica is most useful for businesses in manufacturing/distribution fields and can be difficult to use for other types of businesses. Pricing for Acumantica is based on the amount of resources a company requires, and pricing can be confusing for some users, so it’s important to clarify your specific pricing before signing up. The average small company can expect to pay around $1,000 per month for Acumantica, regardless of how many users have access to the suite.


  • Pricing based on resources used, rather than number of users
  • May be more cost effective for growing companies with several users
  • Browser-based application is easy to navigate, even on mobile devices


Syspro offers excellent capabilities for distribution, production, retail and warehousing businesses, and includes Syspro’s Point of Sale and demand/forecasting engines for added capabilities. Interface is easy to use, but also comprehensive, and there are a wide variety of modules available. This is a great option for small to large businesses, and the system is highly flexible with a plethora of reports available to choose from. Syspro software is easily scaled to the number of users, from one to several hundred. However, payroll and human resources modules are not yet available. Syspro is available both as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) through the cloud or as an on-premises system. Pricing is based on the modules you choose and starts at around $199 per user per month, though basic on-premises installation can cost as much as $12,000 or more. For most businesses SaaS is the most cost-effective solution and offers many of the same benefits as on-premises installation.


  • Pricing is per module and per user
  • On-premises installation is available for businesses familiar with Syspro
  • As low as $199 per month per user


When choosing ERP software be sure to take a close look at what your business needs out of a ERP software suite, and consider budget, pricing and number of users before making your selection. All of the top three ERP software options are user friendly, but some training may still be required for full functionality, so always talk to a sales representative prior to signing up for services, to find out whether training is available.