If you decide to part with something as valuable as jewelry, you want to sell it knowing that your transaction is safe and you are receiving the fair value of your items. You can sell your jewelry online or arrange to sell it in person. Selling it in person at a store may be the best way to get a good price. You should have your jewelry appraised before you start and verify the credentials of the sellers by checking them with The American Gem Society or another reputable organization. You may even be able to get assistance from your appraiser, who might know where your items will be most wanted. Some online places make the process easy by checking the appraised value against the current market, like

Places to Sell Jewelry

  • Worthy
  • Etsy
  • eBay


Using an auction platform, takes jewelry that has already been graded by trusted advisors on its network to sell to a pool of competing applicants. There is a set process during which items are securely picked up and shipped to headquarters to be bid on based on photographs and a detailed report. If the highest offer doesn’t meet the minimum required price, the jewelry is returned free of charge.


  • Auction concept makes higher prices possible
  • The convenience of staying at home throughout the process
  • No obligation


This may seem like a surprising place to sell jewelry, but the main reason people should consider this is that many people consider Etsy the number one site for selling anything homemade. There are over 30 million Etsy buyers in countries around the world, which gives sellers an enormous built-in audience. It may seem like a downside that the competition may be stiff, with almost 2 million sellers but a unique item could be popular in a place which encourages beauty and individuality. As far as what you pay as a seller, you pay the initial listing fee and then there are no additional monthly fees. You could keep an item up indefinitely if it doesn’t sell right away for no extra cost.


  • 30 million potential buyers
  • Sell conveniently from home
  • Trusted site


This is not a site which is geared toward specific kinds of buyers, but it is one of the most popular and trusted places to buy and sell on the internet. For no listing fee, you can put up to 50 items up for sale, and additional items are very inexpensive. There are over 160 million people who use eBay, giving you another huge built-in audience. You have the advantage of being able to ask for a minimum selling price while using the auction format to try to find the highest price possible.


  • Built-in 160 million member group
  • Entire process costs little to nothing
  • Auction format helps you look for highest price


Depending on how much time you have and what you’re willing to accept, you can choose from among many legitimate venues to sell your jewelry. Jewelry is unlikely to become less valuable with time, so choosing a method that takes longer won’t hurt you in the long run.