Senior cell phones allow loved ones to communicate at a moment’s notice. Because technology changes so rapidly, it can be tough to find cell phones for seniors who are simply not interested in all of the bells and whistles. There are dozens of senior cell phones to choose from, and picking the right one can feel overwhelming. Many of them look and operate the same, especially when it comes to performance, storage, and quality. When it comes to picking the right cell phones for seniors, simplicity and affordability are the names of the game. The top three senior cell phones include the ZTE Cymbal from T-Mobile, the Samsung Galaxy J1 from Verizon, and the LG Tribute.

Top 3 Senior Cell Phones

  • ZTE Cymbal
  • Samsung Galaxy J1
  • LG Tribute

ZTE Cymbal

The ZTE Cymbal from T-Mobile is an ideal non-techie cell phone for seniors. As a flip phone, the ZTE Cymbal is easy to use, with no touchscreen or digital assistant. Seniors can do whatever they need to do with this phone, however, including making phone calls, sending texts, and taking photos. This senior cell phone is ideal for individuals who are more concerned with functionality and affordability than aesthetics. The ZTE Cymbal costs around $30, and a two-year protection plan can be added for only five extra dollars. This senior cell phone can be ordered online or purchased in store at Walmart and Amazon.


  • Low tech and easy to use.
  • Affordable phone at only $30.
  • Purchased through Amazon or Walmart.

Samsung Galaxy J1 from Verizon

The Samsung Galaxy J1 from Verizon resembles a more modern cell phone that is still easy to navigate. With a 4.3-inch screen, icons are easy to see and seniors can find exactly what they need without frustration. For seniors who love to take photos, the Galaxy J1 is ideal, with a 5-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front-facing camera. An Android phone, the Galaxy J1 has plenty of apps available through the Google Play Store, including Netflix and Hulu. This phone is easy to find at a range of retailers, including Target, Walmart, and Best Buy, and can be purchased in-store or online. The Samsung Galaxy J1 retails for around $50, and a two-year protection plan can be purchased for around $10 extra.


  • Easy to navigate.
  • Takes great photos.
  • Offered by several retailers.

LG Tribute

The LG Tribute costs a bit more than the Galaxy J1, but it delivers in functionality, quality, and aesthetics. For an extra $30, seniors can take advantage of a cell phone that is both easy and fun to use. The 5-inch display makes everything on the phone easier to see, including the icons. The 8-megapixel rear camera and the 5-megapixel front-facing camera takes excellent photos.The battery offers up to 15 hours of talk time, and there’s plenty of space on the 16GB of storage, along with a MicroSD slot. This phone is available new from Best Buy, but pre-owned models can be purchased for less from outlets such as Amazon.


  • Costs a bit more.
  • Offers higher tech for the savvy senior.
  • Pre-owned models available for less.

In addition to finding the right senior cell phones, individuals must also choose the right cell phone plan for their needs. The AT&T GoPhone plan is $45 per month, with a five dollar discount for those who sign up for AutoPay. This plan offers unlimited talk and text each month, along with unlimited data for the first 6GB. Seniors Wireless offers the Simplicity Plan, which runs about $10 per month and provides 400 minutes for text, talk, and internet. Greatcall also offers a good plan, with $18 per month providing 200 minutes of talk and 300 texts; however, no data is provided.