One thing new parents to be need that they may not consider is a baby changing table. A baby can be changed anywhere and parents will take advantage of any space they find. A baby changing table is a smart idea and it makes the life of parents much easier. It puts the baby at an easier to reach height, so parents don’t have to bend over too far to reach their baby. Since they are a piece of furniture, they can really add to the look of a room. There are many options from which to choose. Some have drawers, while others have shelves. The top three baby changing tables are the Badger Basket Corner Changing Table, the Sorelle Berkley Dressing Table, and the South Shore Peek-a-boo Changing Table. Continue reading to find out more about these great changing tables.

Best Three Baby Changing Tables

  • Badger Basket Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table
  • Sorelle Berkley Dressing Table
  • South Shore Peek-a-boo Changing Table

Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table

The Badger Basket Corner Changing Table has a unique design so it fits in the corner of the room. This allows parents to use every space of the room. The changing table has a non toxic finish and contains six corner shelves that are open. It includes a hamper and storage basket that are removable. It has a strap to ensure the safety of the baby. It comes with a terry cloth changing pad cover. This changing table comes in gray and the dimensions are 33.5 inches tall by 31.5 inches wide and 40.25 inches deep. It can be purchased at Wayfair for $149.99 and they offer free shipping. 


  • Corner Design
  • Removable Hamper
  • Terry Cloth Changing Pad Cover

Sorelle Dressing Table

The Sorelle brand dressing table is part of the Berkley Collection. It is a wonderful touch to the collection, for those who have it. This dressing table come in espresso brown. It is gender neutral, so it is perfect for any room. Its style is classic with a slightly curved back. It is lightweight at only 24 pounds fully assembled, but don’t be fooled, it has a sturdy construction. It has two open shelves and comes with a changing table pad. It is made of New Zealand pine and has durable finish. It is 36 inches long by 19 inches wide and 41 inches tall. It is fairly inexpensive at around $73. It can be purchased at Walmart and they offer free shipping.


  • Part of the Berkley Collection
  • Lightweight
  • Less Expensive

South Shore Peek-a-boo Changing Table

The South Shore Dresser with drawers that has a changing table on top. This dresser has open and closed storage spaces for ease of access. The South Shore has a top that is shaped for extra safety and has a kick plate for a classy decorative look. The drawers have wooden knobs. This dresser has a pure white finish for a touch of charm in the baby’s room. The changing table is extra sturdy at 108 pounds. It is 47 inches long by 41 inches high and 20 inches deep. The changing pad ares on top measures 32.25 inches by 16.375 inches. The safety rail is 3.31 inches high. This changing table can be purchased at Wayfair for $217.99 and has free shipping. 


  • Open and Closed Storage Spaces
  • Safety Rail 
  • Wooden knobs


There are many changing table options available. They are vastly different with numerous options. No matter which changing table is right, be sure that it is safe and sturdy. When considering a changing table, be sure to look at the three listed in this article.