Is your vehicle damaged and needs repair? Accidents happen all the time and sometimes they aren’t you’re your fault. Nonetheless, you want your car to look the best it can be. Whether a door ding or damaged bumper, auto body repair services can restore your vehicle to its pristine condition. After you’ve figured out your insurance claim, it’s time to seek out the services of a local auto body repair shop that can fix dents, restore or replace bumpers, repaint or whatever other necessary services you need. However, when looking for an auto body repair shop, you may find there a ton of options, so you’ll want to do a little research to make sure you are getting the best rates and avoiding scams. Read on to learn more about auto body repair.

Auto Body Repair

  • Find Auto Body Repair
  • Weighing Options
  • Popular Options


It’s always important to have a plan, because accidents can happen at any time. Finding auto body repair shops is usually pretty easy. You can use a website like Angie’s list you find local auto body repair shops in your area by typing in your location and the services you are looking for. From there, you’ll have multiple choices in your area that you can choose from. Save their contact information and be prepared to make any necessary calls. But in addition to finding an auto body repair shop, you may also want to find a towing company in case your car cannot be safely driven to the repair shop location. And of course, you also want to be prepared to file insurance claims immediately after the accident. You should do this even if you think damage is minor, because the damage may cost a lot more to fix than you might think.


  • Call insurance company immediately after accidents
  • Look for auto body repair on Angie’s List
  • Look for towing companies with the best rates

Weighing Options

Once you find some auto body repair shops, it’s time to weigh your options. Prices will not be readily available on any website when it comes to auto body repair, as you already likely suspected. So before you choose a place to send your vehicle to, you may want to get some estimates from multiple auto body repair shops. Getting estimates will allow you to get the best rates on auto body repair and will ensure you are not getting overcharged for services. Once you have estimates from several different locations, this should help narrow down your options. However, cost isn’t the only thing you want to consider. You also want to make sure the auto body repair shop is a reputable business with the proper credentials. Checking to see if the business is accredited by the Better Business Bureau would be useful, as well as finding reviews from customers. But don’t be discouraged by a couple bad reviews, because not everyone will have the same experience.


  • Get estimates from multiple shops
  • Compare estimates
  • Check for credentials

Popular Options

If you don’t want to choose a local shop in your area, you may consider a franchise company that offers auto body repair nationwide. Nationwide auto body repair shops like Service King and Pep Boys offer competitive rates and definitely reputable choices. However, rates may be a little higher compared to a local business. Service King repairs come with a lifetime warranty and quality is guaranteed. While Service King may be a better option for severe damage, Pep Boys may be the best solution for minor damage. For scratches and small dings, Pep Boys even sells DIY tools and products that you can use to repair your vehicle at a much lower cost.


  • Pep Boys offers DIY materials for dings
  • Service King auto body repair available nationwide
  • Service King repairs feature lifetime warranty


Nobody wants to be in an accident, but if the time comes it’s important to be prepared. Finding auto body repair services near you is easy and quick with Angie’s List, but you can also select a nationwide repair shop like Service King. By comparing the best rates and finding a shop with the right credentials, you can ensure the best service possible.