The majority of businesses require some kind of office space in order to function effectively. Even freelancers who work on their own can benefit from having space outside the home in order to make separating home and work life. It also gives the lone freelancer a chance to stave off the isolation that can make working alone difficult to endure for long periods of time. Finding the perfect space isn’t always so easy. Not only can it be time-consuming, which takes much-needed time away from your actual productivity but it can also be frustrating trying to find empty space. That is why turning to a website that does all the searching for you is helpful. It can save you time, money, and energy. The best websites for finding office space for rent are 42 Floors, PivotDesk, and WeWork.

Paces to Find Office Space for Rent

  • 42 Floors
  • PivotDesk
  • WeWork

42 Floors

42 Floors is a realty listing site especially for company office space. They offer listings for everything from business offices to restaurant locations and medical facilities. You never know what may be available at any given time so it is important to search this site daily until your perfect location shows up. They offer space that suits anywhere from one employee to an entire business of 1,000. It is all based on what your given area has available at the moment. In addition to rental properties, they also offer properties for sale and through brokers and you can search specifically under the coworking category to find shared office space.


  • Listings in most areas of the US
  • Variety of listing types dependent upon industry
  • Small to large numbers accommodated


PivotDesk is a small but growing website that covers both the United States and Canada in its listings. You can find everything from a single desk in a shared office to whole buildings. The search criteria on PivotDesk is very fine-tuned. Once you determine what you want and how much you have to spend, you can narrow your search by size, cost, location and amenities such as available kitchen, dog-friendly and open-spaced or cubicles. They even offer listings for virtual office spaces that offer things like wi-fi and the chance to interact with others without the confines of a desk or long-term commitment.


  • Covers US and Canada
  • Fine-tuned search results
  • Virtual office options


WeWork is one of the largest office space providers in the world. They have spaces available throughout the world so there are few limits. As the direct owners of their spaces, you don’t need to wait for your ideal space to open up. They will create it for you, cutting out all middlemen. Spaces from shared offices to large corporate buildings are available. This is the company to go with if you need to find space in a number of areas for satellite offices and international employees.


  • Worldwide access
  • No middlemen
  • Created for meeting specific needs


Don’t spend unnecessary time and frustration trying to find the ideal office space for your business alone. Turning to a website that does the majority of the legwork for you will help you find your space quickly, eliminating the need to speak with countless rental agents that end up not having anything available that suits your needs. PivotDesk is available in most of the major cities in North America, while 42 Floors has established itself as a trusted place for landowners to list their available space. WeWork has you covered by offering space from an individual desk to whole buildings for your entire corporation. This is available in most parts of the world.  By searching these sites, you could set up in your new space by next week.