Even people who have the best education themselves may need guidance when deciding to homeschool. Especially with the seemingly constant changes in education and curricula, it’s important to keep up with changes, so your children don’t fall behind or miss out on important ideas and concepts. Every parent wants every advantage for their own children, but it can be difficult to choose the best homeschooling program without knowing more about all the options available. The best homeschool programs will give you all the information and support you need while giving you the flexibility to accommodate the current and changing needs of your family. Among the best homeschooling programs are those from Calvert Education, Time4Learning and Classical Academic Press.

Best Homeschooling Programs

  • Calvert Education
  • Time4Learning
  • Classical Academic Press

Calvert Education

This company has offerings for every school age, from preventable kindergarten all the way through high school. The accredited offerings cover all the subjects your student will need to succeed in the classes and then beyond. The program also offers unlimited support to ensure that each individual student is able to succeed. The program builds the foundations first before adding on more complicated and deeper concepts. Calvert takes advantage of several teaching methods, including online interactive courses and other kinds of student-centered projects and activities. The program also supports parent efforts, giving them the tools they need to be effective, confident teachers. Parents are also happy with how smooth the educational process is using Calvert’s resources.


  • Accredited curriculum
  • Student-paced learning
  • Inspires a passion for learning


This curriculum has won several awards, proving itself repeatedly in the field of competition. There are several subjects covered by the curriculum, including language arts, science, social studies and math. The program offers flexible scheduling and student-paced learning, which is probably the most important aspect if any homeschool program. There is also automated grading, which makes it easier and more convenient for busy homeschooling parents. There are over half a million families which trust Time4Learning as a valuable educational resource, including families who use the program to raise their students’ grades in more traditional academic settings. There are offerings for all ages, from PreK all the way through high school.


  • Flexible scheduling
  • Student-paced learning
  • Over 500,000 families participating

Classical Academic Press

This is a traditional educational publishing and media company that has offerings for curricula, media and classical education training. Classical Academic Press prides itself on the creativity and flair that characterize their products. Unlike some more modern offerings, this is a company which utilizes classical traditions, giving students an appreciation of beauty, truth and the great books which are the foundations of modern literature. They believe teaching and teachers make a real difference in children’s lives, so the emphasis is on the individual. The Schole Academy uses live online classes to foster engagement with individual students.


  • Individual-centered curricula
  • Classical, liberal education foundation
  • Live, interactive classes available


With these three homeschooling programs, you are bound to find the perfect one for your family. These programs bring homeschooling into the modern world of online education and promises to join the other two in longevity because of its adaptability and dedication to individualization.