Looking for a new cable or internet package? AT&T is one of the premier names in cable and internet, offering the fastest performing high-speed internet, all of the channels you love and excellent, uninterrupted service. Whether you are moving into a new home, or looking to make a switch AT&T can provide you with the service you need thanks to their incredible available service across the country. Watch your favorite shows or spend time browsing the internet in your home in the best way imaginable. Right now, AT&T is offering some terrific deals on internet and cable bundles that you’ll want to snatch up right away. These deals offer both cable and internet at an unbeatable price. So, if you are looking for the best deal on cable and internet at one low monthly cost, read on to learn more about AT&T cable and internet packages.

Top AT&T Cable and Internet Packages

  • Basic DirecTV & Internet Package
  • DirecTV, Phone & Internet Package
  • Internet 1000 package with DirecTV

Basic DirecTV and Internet Package

The first deal from AT&T is the basic DirecTV and Internet package for just $80 per month. The price is good for 24 months with 24 months for the DirecTV deal and 12 months of internet. However, it should be noted that this deal may not be available in every area of the country. Additionally, you may be eligible to receive up to $150 in rewards by ordering online. Included with the package is a DirecTV Select Package with over 150 of your favorite channels. You’ll even get premium cable channels like HBO, Showtime and Starz for up to 3 months. Also included with this offer are monthly fees for an HD-DVR in up to three rooms. You’ll get up to 50Mbps internet speeds with unlimited data, as well as a Wi-Fi Gateway router that will allow you to connect all of your beloved mobile devices. Best of all, there are no activation fees.


  • Only $80 per month for 24 months
  • Includes basic DirecTV service and high-speed internet service
  • Over 150 channels, including three months of HBO, Showtime and Starz

DirecTV, Phone & Internet Package

For an extra $20 per month, you can add a phone to that deal. Similar to the first deal, you’ll get the DirecTV Select Package with over 150 channels, 50 Mbps internet and a Wi-Fi Gateway router. Additionally, there are no activation fees for this deal when ordering online. With the DirecTV, Internet and Digital Home Phone bundle you’ll get your very own digital home phone with caller ID at just $99.99 per month. The price is good for 24 months and 12 months for the internet price (a $30 value). You can add a regional sports fee of less than $8 if you love sports – and we know you do.


  • $99.99 per month for DirecTV, high-speed internet and phone service
  • No activation fees when you sign up online
  • Price is good for 24 months

Internet 1000 package with DirecTV

For $120 per month for 24 months, you can get AT&T’s Internet 1000 package with DirecTV. Not only will you get the DirecTV Select package with over 150 channels such as the Disney channel and Discovery, as well as HD DVR’s in up to four rooms. But more importantly you’ll also get AT&T’s fastest available internet. Offering download speeds of up to 1000Mbps, AT&T’s Internet 1000 is the best way to enjoy the net. Both installation fees and equipment fees for the Wi-Fi Gateway router will be waived for this deal. Check out these offers on the official AT&T website and check out local deals in your area.


  • $120 per month for 24 months
  • Includes DirecTV Select package and HD DVRs in up to four rooms
  • Fastest internet speeds available through AT&T


No matter which AT&T cable and internet package you choose, you’re sure to enjoy a variety of programming and impressively fast internet speeds. If you’re not sure which package is right for you, talk to your AT&T representative today to learn more.