Many drivers find the Toyota Tacoma a fun and edgy alternative to typical pickup trucks in the mid-size market. This is an off-road vehicle that does well in town and is popular with both consumers who are looking for smooth rides or looking for dependable cargo haulers. There are a multitude of trim packages that are available, but with the changes and improvements to the 2018 model year, the Basic trim may be a great fit for many. There are a lot of enhanced safety features that offer a good complement to the rugged workhorse profile that the Tacoma offers.


There are not a lot of changes from the 2017 year model that received a number of enhancements. The main update is the addition of a variety of safety features that one might expect to find in a car or SUV. There is now a forward-collision option in addition to automated emergency braking, a lane-departure warning, auto high beam, and adaptive cruise control. There are some stalwarts that will lament the fact that the five-speed manual transmission is no longer available.


  • Optional forward-collision warnings
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Auto high beams


As far as fuel economy goes, the Tacoma remains in the middle of the rankings. This lack of fuel efficiency precludes it from inclusion on many people’s short list, but many consumers are ready to overlook this shortcoming because they just find the Tacoma really fun to drive. If you are not concerned about fuel economy, the V-6 might be an option that interests you. It increases towing capacity and seriously out-performs the four-cylinder that most people find to be avoided. If you are interested in an automatic transmission option, reports indicate that the six-speed is not a great choice. In fact, most Tacoma enthusiasts prefer a manual transmission.


  • Average fuel economy
  • Powerful engine option that sacrifices MPG
  • Four-cylinder engine is most fuel efficient


Changes to the trim levels are slight, with a Limited trim option that includes the availability of black leather. With the updates done to the 2017 model, there are few additional changes to the 2018 infotainment package. Unfortunately, there is still no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto availability. There are not a lot of changes to the 2018 engine, with, again, the six-speed manual proving the most possible. The loss of the five-speed option will likely not be missed by many. Due to its longevity and high popularity level, there have not been many changes to the exterior of the Tacoma. It is truly a truck that makes no apologies and looks, well, a lot like a truck! In addition to these changes, there are new colors available in the various trim packages as well as a few minor adaptations to the grille options.


  • Few overall changes to trims
  • Limited trim gets black leather upholstery
  • New colors available


There are some superficial updates to the trims that are available with the 2018 Tacoma. If you choose either the SR or the SR5 you will enjoy a subtly restyled grille; while the TRD Sport and the TRD Off-Road models both offer much darker mesh grilles that provide an updated profile to this classic pickup. If you are looking for a reliable truck option, the Tacoma is sure to please.