Does your company need more efficient customer support? With helpdesk software products, you can provide the customer support your customers deserve at an affordable cost to you. Some helpdesk software can be acquired for absolutely free. With helpdesk software you can a variety of different methods for delivering customer support including account management, task management, a customer portal and community forums. But these are just a few of the things that helpdesk software can do for you. By providing your company with better customer service, your business will flourish, providing it with plenty of success and repeat customers. Because customer service is one of the most important areas for a successful business, it’s important to find the right one. The top 3 helpdesk software products include HappyFox, FreshDesk and Zoho Desk. If you are in need of the perfect customer support, check out these top 3 helpdesk software products.

Top 3 Helpdesk Software Products

  • HappyFox
  • FreshDesk
  • Zoho Desk


HappyFox is one of the best helpdesk software products out there. Used by well-known and popular companies such as Lowes, Whirlpool, Lowe’s and Leap Frog, HappyFox provides the best, most effective customer service possible. With this practical and easy to use helpdesk software, you better manage customer support, reducing the more chaotic aspects of customer support while providing self-service. Chosen as an Editor’s Choice software by PC Magazine, and a category leader by Get App, HappyFox is a helpdesk software that many users have come to love. Its fully customizable and secure, and can be integrated with a number of business apps. It can even provide multilingual customer support and is mobile ready, allowing you to provide customer service to anyone, anywhere.


  • Used by popular, renowned companies like Lowes and Whirlpool
  • PC Magazine Editor’s Choice software
  • Provides multilingual customer support


FreshDesk is another excellent helpdesk software that can perform a variety of tasks related to customer support. On top of a terrific ticketing tool, you’ll be able to have several conversations with customers all at one, allowing you multiple customers to reach out to you at a time with the ability to switch conversations easily. The software also allows you to set priorities for customers and increase productivity. The software has been designed to be secure and handle customer support teams of any size, suitable for use as a private helpdesk or a corporate helpdesk. But one of the best features is its reporting system that can tell you how many employees should be working shifts and customer satisfaction, among other things. Integration is super-easy too, allowing you to integrate software with apps like Google or Shopify.


  • Google integration
  • Customer satisfaction reports
  • 99.9% reliability

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is one fantastic helpdesk software that you can get for free. Yes, you heard right. Zoho Desk is free for up to 10 users, making it perfect for small businesses and start-ups. More than 10 users however, and there will be a charge. Zoho Desk can provide email ticketing, task management, unlimited solution folders, custom themes, multi-lingual support and remote authentication. But these are just some of the many tasks that Zoho Desk can perform. Zoho Desk can also be used via a iPhone or iPad thanks to a an exclusive Apple app. To try Zoho Desk for free, you need only type your name, email address, company name and phone number.  It won’t hurt to try.


  • Free for up to 10 users
  • Email ticketing and Web-to-ticket forms
  • iPhone and iPad app


If you need the perfect helpdesk software to help you mange customer support more efficiently, the top 3 helpdesk software products can help. Capable of performing a variety of functions and helping you manage multiple customers seeking support, these software products have never made customer support easier. As cloud-based software products, access to your helpdesk is secure and reliable.