IT Security encompasses more than anti-virus software and fighting against malware. Comprehensive IT security helps to protect you when employees leave to join a competitor and provide information and data security. If there is a security breach at your company you want to know that you have a reliable and effective team working for you. With more and more firms utilizing the cloud, there is now another area where cyber crimes can happen. These top three IT security companies will protect information and data from loss, corruption, and theft. Continue reading to learn more about how Mimecast, FireEye, and Sophos can serve all of your IT security needs.

Top 3 IT Security Companies

  • Mimecast
  • FireEye
  • Sophos


This email protection company offers end-to-end security in all aspects of your email, both network-wide and in the cloud. This software works with Microsoft Exchange and handles everything that your company could need for continuity, archiving and security. The system can normalized data across various platforms and unify the different environments. The service will also help to streamline and minimize costs while also enhancing the security of your firm’s communication. Mimecast is always available in the cloud and any archived data is accessible from anywhere, for those that have the proper clearances. This service is great for those that use email to communicate sensitive information.


  • Total email security, continuity, and archiving.
  • Simplifies the email environment while also reducing costs
  • Cloud based data is secure and accessible from anywhere


This protection company works to secure your systems from advanced cyber attacks and is used by many companies and governments worldwide. The security platform operates in a totally virtual machine environment that offers real-time threat protection. The dynamic threat protection is highly sophisticated and constantly updated. FireEye utilizes distinct signatures throughout the firm’s system to protect from known threat vectors. This is the ideal choice for enterprises that deal with highly sensitive information and data. In fact, many government agencies require that their partners use the security services of FireEye for their system protection.


  • Protects your systems from advanced level threats
  • Operates in a completely virtual environment for added security
  • Designed to repel threats that can break through firewalls, IPS, and typical malware software


This next-level antivirus and malware system protects from threats that are more damaging than typical cyber threats. The Sophos system offers encryption, email security, and also provides web and NAC products. Sophos operates in real-time to combat all threats as they move through the web. This company is constantly monitoring for new threats to both data, websites, and email phishing. If your company seeks end-to-end protection and would like to work with one vendor, Sophos may just be the perfect service for you. Typical malware fighting systems have a significant lag when combatting new cyber threats while Sophos will keep you updated immediately.


  • Next level protection from malware
  • Encryption services that are rock solid
  • Email security included in package


Companies of all sizes need comprehensive IT security and these top three IT security companies can ensure that your data and information is safe and protected.