Depression affects more than 15 million adult Americans annually, nearing 6.7% of the country’s population overall. With depression running rampant in today’s society, finding the proper solutions are not always easy. There are counselors, group therapy sessions, and long-term medications to help balance the brain and any chemical imbalances we may be faced with each day. However, understanding that there are alternative everyday supplements available to assist with depression is key whether you struggle with major depressive disorder or if you are simply down and out every so often. Choosing some of the best supplements for depression such as B-Complex vitamins, fish oil, 5-HTP, theanine, and vitamin D can help boost your mood, improve focus, and avoid SSRI or other brain-altering medications commonly prescribed. Read on to learn more about these helpful supplements.

Top 5 Supplements For Depression

  • B-complex vitamins
  • Fish oil
  • 5-HTP
  • Theanine
  • Vitamin D

B-Complex Vitamins

B-complex vitamins are ideal supplements to help treat individuals with depression, as they contain eight of the B-vitamins necessary for energy and forming red blood cells. B1 and B2, contained in B-complex vitamins are helpful for the heart, muscles, and nerves, while B3 helps to regulate the digestive system in addition to improving the nervous system. Taking B-complex vitamins also help to maintain and create new DNA while giving the individual a mood boost. Other benefits of taking B-complex vitamins include reducing the risk of stroke, preventing heart disease, and improving energy to keep the mind and body healthy through each day.


  • Contain eight essential B vitamins
  • Regulates digestion
  • Reduces risk of numerous health problems

Fish Oil

While fish oil is commonly known to help improve cholesterol and maintain bone health, it is also beneficial with mood-boosting qualities. Fish oil helps in boosting and maintaining serotonin, often nicknamed the “feel good” hormone, whereas traditional processed and junk foods can cause levels of serotonin to drop drastically in short periods of time. While taking fish oil or alternative supplements for mood and depression, it is always essential to keep diet and food intake in mind to keep from draining levels of serotonin by replacing processed foods with fresh foods, vegetables, and fruits.


  • Good for cholesterol levels
  • Can increase intake naturally with healthy diet choices
  • Promotes healthy bones


5-HTP is a supplement that is useful in boosting moods by increasing the overall production of serotonin in the brain. Using 5-HTP is not only a solution for those suffering from depression, but it is also used for those with anxiety, PMDD, addictive behavior, and insomnia. Increasing serotonin levels in the brain is a way to remain balanced while also maintaining more control over the body’s nervous system altogether. If you suffer from anxiety, OCD, or PMDD in addition to depression, it is highly recommended to look into 5-HTP as a supplement to improve your moods while also assisting in decreasing excess stimuli that may prove to be too distracting or frustrating each day. If you are thinking of taking 5-HTP it is advisable to speak one on one with your primary physician to determine the dosage and how to go about putting 5-HTP to work for you.


  • Boosts production of serotonin
  • Helpful as a sleep aid
  • Useful for people with depression and anxiety


Theanine is found in Camellia sinensis teas along with caffeine and green teas, providing relaxation and a soothing effect without sedation or potentially addicting side effects. Using theanine regularly works to soothe the mind for those who suffer from anxiety or mild forms of depression without a prescription medication, and can be found at traditional retail and grocery stores. Theanine works by also reducing extra stimuli in the mind, making it a go-to solution for those who consider themselves “over thinkers” or have trouble concentrating during high anxiety or depressive states of mind.


  • Easy to consume in tea
  • Calming properties without side effects
  • Available in most grocery stores

Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D supplements help the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in the body, regulating and protecting a healthy immune system and overall nervous system. Additionally, vitamin D supplements help to fight fibromyalgia pain and depression in individuals at all ages. Individuals who take vitamin D regularly report an improvement in moods and overall function in everyday life, as the body is working better to digest properly while keeping the nervous system aligned and working properly.


  • Help fight fibromyalgia pain
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Promotes overall health


Whenever you are considering an alternative supplement for depression it is recommended to speak to and work with your doctor beforehand. Ensuring you do not require an additional medication to help get you balanced is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life, free of potentially dangerous depressive disorders.