If you have ever experienced poor healthcare then you know just how important it is to have a healthcare provider that is professional, courteous and experienced.  The simple fact that these home healthcare providers will be entering our residences and the most intimate areas of our lives makes the need to have qualified and kind people even greater. When it comes to healthcare everyone has different needs and concerns.  The one common theme, however, is that getting good, friendly and professional help makes all the difference.  It matters for the family, for those receiving care and is the difference between help that works and help that doesn’t work. Five of the leading home healthcare suppliers, CareLinx, Preferred, Right at Home, Visiting Angels and Synergy Home Care.

Top 5 Providers of Home Healthcare

  • CareLinx
  • Preferred
  • Right at Home
  • Visiting Angels
  • Synergy Home Care


Offering a wide range of services, CareLinx provides clients with a staff that focuses on quality care, savings options and a platform that makes services accessible and easy.  CareLinx also appreciates the desire for families to stay involved which is evidenced by their staying connected apps.


  • Healthcare savings when using their mobile applications.
  • one touch technology platform offering the ability to schedule multiple services.
  • Technology permitting direct contact with caregiver even when you can’t be present.

Preferred Home Health & Nursing Services

Preferred offers one of the most comprehensive home healthcare services available.  They strive to provide most of the services in rehabilitation and healthcare that you would find in a hospital setting delivered to the comfort of your home.  They place a great value on finding the right chemistry between client and caregiver.


  • In-home occupational, physical and mental therapy services.
  • RN or LPN staff available for home care where needed.
  • Certified with Medicare and Medicaid.

Right at Home Healthcare

For more than twenty years Right at Home Healthcare has been delivering in-home care to clients having a variety of needs.  They are flexible enough to work with nearly any type of home care situation and setup while providing caring and qualified services.


  • Many transitional services to aid clients adjusting from hospital to home.
  • Customized plans designed around virtually every living situation to afford clients ongoing care.
  • Wellness programs including nutritional planning and exercise programs.

Visiting Angels

Most well known for their senior care Visiting Angels home healthcare has been servicing clients for nearly thirty years.  In addition to specialized services for seniors like their Alzheimer’s care program, Visiting Angels provides many standard home healthcare services too.


  • Bonded, licensed and insured services provide additional peace of mind for families.
  • Elderly companion care which covers all aspects of ADL.
  • Individualized monitoring for those who may need regular checks or spend considerable time alone at home.

Synergy HomeCare

Along with most of the traditional home healthcare services Synergy also is designed to assist clients with major change of life situations.  This can be seen in programs like their new mom respite care services.  These and other specialty recovery services have made Synergy a respected and trusted home healthcare service provider.


  • Illness specific care plans covering most major illnesses from Parkinson’s to cancer.
  • Specialized recovery services designed to assist clients with in home recover following extended hospital stays.
  • Medical alert systems which are cost effective as services are only rendered when needed.


Everything from the quality of service, to the peace of mind and comfort of our loved ones getting the right team, the right help and the right healthcare providers makes a difference.  Regardless of each situation and circumstance health concerns are not an issue that can be taken lightly.  Finding the right provider involves asking plenty of questions and talking to several providers in order to find the right healthcare service for your unique situation.  Chances are good that you will know when you have the right team and the right fit.  The healthcare providers here can be a good place to start, and the hope is that you will get the assistance needed to make your situation and life better in the end.